05 September 2013

Trip to Forks, day 1 and 2

Things got a little crazy the last week before leaving...computer internet connection problem and the camera I ordered on line was being delayed in shipping. As a result I didn't post a planning update as I had originally intended. Wouldn't have said much beyond getting car checked up, hair trimmed up and the two problems. According to tracking data, the camera was delivered today, two days later than they guaranteed. Saves me the restocking fee. I went to local store and paid more but have a new digital SLR camera - Nikon D5100 with 18-200mm lens. So far really nice. So now on to the trip.

Day 1 started at home, ended up in Mt Shasta City, Finlandia Motel. Got off later than planned, partially due to me packing like 'Alice' when allowed and with no one sharing ride I'm allowed. We'll see how much I actually use and wear. It is one aspect of traveling that is hard for me - trying to decide what I will want to wear so far in advance. Weather and exact activities require choices to be available and when traveling choices means need more space. I also like to bring my special pillow along. 

It has been a while since I've driven up I-5 north of Sacramento. Traffic not bad, lots of trucks. Passed lots of orchards and vineyards. There is a wild life refuge area that I may check out on way back. The Central Valley is one of the migrating bird fly zone if I recall correctly. Later in September might have it more populated.

Met up with a Twilight friend, Karen, in Redding. We had good lunch at a local restaurant, Cheesecake Unlimited. We've IM'd and exchanged emails, but never met in person. Fun chatting about TWS, Harry Potter, other fandoms, fan fiction, etc. 

North of Redding started getting higher rolling hills and then into mountains. Eventually spotted Mt Shasta. There was road construction which closed out some vista points :-( ...one especially had a nice view. Decided to stop in Mt Shasta City for the night. Found a local motel. The bedspread was a red plaid pattern, but the curtains were like SW Indian weave pattern. Both very nice individually, but a little odd together. Was not able to get computer connected to their WiFi. Nice view of mountains across the valley. Got some nice sunset pictures.

Day 2: Up and on road again. Spending tonight in Springfield Oregon. Stopped at the Visitor Center, lady there looked at me funny when mentioned TWS and going to Forks...oh I'm wearing my Eclipse T-shirt. Pretty mountain scenery continued. Mt Shasta was cloudy. Pretty in its own way, but can't see much of mountain. Stopped at nearly every rest stop, taking pictures, stretching legs. Drove through clouds at 4300+ feet elevation. Kind of thick in couple of place and on curvy mountain road that was interesting. Only saw one logging truck all day, well maybe 1.5 - the half had completed product not the raw trees. Would have thought there would be more. Lots of places for runaway trucks on the down side of mountains. Wonder how often that happens. 

The waitresses at lunch today really liked the T-shirt. Regional restaurant, Black Bear Diner. Good lunch, didn't leave room for huckleberry ice cream though. Also had a S'mores shake or sundae. Maybe on my way home. As I was leaving saw a man in a UoA T-shirt. Cool. It started to rain right after I got back to car from lunch. Saw some fields with sprinkles still going. Skipped stopping at rest stops while it was raining. Really pretty drive through the mountains and the valleys between. So many shades of green.

In Oregon you get your gas pumped for you. The young man even washed my window. It was kind of funny because for some reason I'd been thinking about service stations way back when they provided service, not just gas. Bad part was no excuse to get out and stretch...time for a rest stop break. Decided Eugene/Springfield a good place and time to stop for the night. Staying at Shilo Inn. Had problems getting connected again...third room was the charm. So able to get this posted. Take care. AW


  1. So glad you are on your way and having a fun trip! Glad your camera goes back on their dime not yours!
    Have loads of fun and say hi to all my friends!
    love ya!

  2. Most of the fun is in the journey - not the destination - hope you're not too disappointed when you get to Forks. Happy Travels.

  3. I was so happy to finally meet you and be a part of your journey! I love the mountains between Redding and Oregon. We didn't talk about it, but I was born, and lived a short while, near Mt Shasta.