18 September 2013

Forks Trip Day 13 La Push, Rialto Beach

Woke up not feeling so good. The weather outside wasn’t nice either. So the morning was spent working on blog, uploading pictures and some writing, and sending emails with pictures. About noon the weather inside me and outside room had improved. I walked over to Leppell’s and a number of the Olympic Coven cast were there. Chatted a bit, thanked them, let them know posted my pictures. I bought some T-Shirts and gifts. She has some really nice and interesting Twilight related items. Still thinking about the Bella bracelet. Would like to have one, but ….

Went to La Push to check out the gift shop at the Quileute Oceanside Resort office. Found some more things to buy – mainly some earring posts. On to First Beach. Weather really clear but not bright sun. There was an Osprey flying and diving. Sometimes photography gets in the way of just watching and enjoying the moment. Chatted a bit with a couple watching the birds as well.

James Island from First Beach

One of the Osprey pictures

Decided to find my way over to Rialto beach again for the sunset there with the driftwood to maybe frame some images. Stopped at Second Beach. There is a ¾ mile hike to the beach up and down a good size hill. I did not know that when I started. I did not have on my hiking boots. I did not have water bottle with me. I did not make it to the beach. Keep in mind I woke up not feeling so good and it had been awhile since eaten and unprepared for that hike. One gentleman walked a ways with me and we had a nice chat. I got to hear the surf, but just got to point of enough to walk back from where I was. Took lots of pictures, a lot of the shapes reminded me of mythological beings – Godzilla was one and a lot of flying dragons.


Back to car and on to Rialto Beach. Popular photographic place that evening. Nice sunset with some interesting driftwood frames. 


  1. Sorry you were feeling under the weather.
    I'm glad you got the photos, and got back okay.
    That sunset is beautiful!

  2. You have a great eye for Photos! Very Creative too. Sorry you didn't feel well. Maybe Over Load from the weekend.
    keep Safe!