12 September 2013

Forks Trip Pictures, Day 1, 2, 6

Day 1 Pictures

Day 2

Mount Shasta before hidden by clouds.

Day 6

Busy Bee in Port Orchard

Wall art in Port Orchard

Just interesting looking at Shine Beach after crossing Hood Canal

Another just interesting looking pattern on drift wood at Shine Beach

Tacoma home


  1. Abby Weyr,
    These are great pictures! I am so glad I remembered to log on and check out your blog! Sorry I didn't do it yesterday. Your trip sounds like you are already having fun and experiencing a lot of new things. Sorry I didn't mention the fog, but I didn't remember it. It is part of the cloud cover of Western Washington. Those clouds are just low hanging.

    I don't think I will post on each of the other posts that I just read. So I am glad you are hooking up with so many people and new friends. Your circle is just getting bigger. How lucky you are!

    Remember we are all counting on hearing from you occasionally while SMD is happening.

    Have fun for all of us!

    1. Good internet connection will help with updates for the weekend events at least. I've learned that connection may not always be available. You can check of the FB accounts for the three organizations too.

  2. Your new camera seems to be working pretty well. :)

    1. Yes, it is. I need to take a minute or two to read at least some of the instructions to make better use of it.