31 December 2014

SMD/OC announcement 30 Dec 2014

Walking Away

Yesterday afternoon, 30 Dec 2014, Stephenie Meyer Day / Olympic Coven, SMD / OC, organizers posted a heartbreaking announcement that the event planned for St Helens Oregon September 2015 was cancelled and that the OC would not be appearing at the Forks SMD events. The announcement is here: https://www.facebook.com/StephenieMeyerDay/posts/800220880024510

From that announcement: “At the end of the day, we are enormous Twilight fans, and we cannot be part of an event and a culture that may cause us to resent the franchise and the fandom we love so dearly. In order to preserve our love for Twilight, we have decided to respectfully walk away. We have quietly endured our fair share of gossip, drama, and small town politics related to this event since 2011, and we have finally reached a point where this is just too much for us.

It is a sad that the St Helens event has been cancelled. I was looking forward to seeing the actual filming sites for Twilight with a group of fans and especially with the OC. It would have been nice for the OC to have done at least that one more event after Cullens’ Winter Escape in January at Gatlinburg TN.

That said, I understand and support their decision to walk away before the situation taints their feelings for the fans and for Twilight. In the past I was not as smart concerning a local con that I was involved with and that con experienced a similar situation.

Forks Chamber of Commerce will continue to have a SMD celebration. They do have their own coven, last I knew of just Bella and Alice. They have been having their own events these last two (2) years that I’ve attended. They have had their own web site and Facebook page for SMD. The FB page is Forks Stephenie Meyer Day / Bella’s Birthday Weekend. We can still gather there at that time. We can still have some fun times. We can still support SMD and Forks.

My initial reaction was sad and some tears, then I wanted to write not so polite letters to chamber of commerce for Forks and St Helens or to smack someone. Know that would not help the situation, but might feel a little better. ;-)

From the comments on various threads about this, the OC members seem to be open to other possibilities in the future. Not sure Staci and her assistants are willing to commit to anything right now. Personally I think we can state our support of other possibilities without pressuring them into something. Maybe Forever in Forks and SMD/OC could combine forces and bring something about? Maybe not ever year, but certain anniversaries? That could give time for planning and fundraising. It wouldn’t be running around the forest surrounding Forks, but a party to celebrate Twilight and have ‘family’ reunion. Chicago, Phoenix, and Jacksonville are the other major cities mentioned in the books. There are the places associated with Rosalie and Esme. Wonder what Ashland Wisconsin could offer? Or Rochester New York?

I want to thank all those involved with organizing the SMD/OC events and providing us with a touch of fantasy as we have celebrated Twilight. I wish the planners and organizers of SMD/OC and the members of the Olympic Coven the best with their personal and professional lives and all future endeavors. Let us move forward and remember we are celebrating Twilight and keep the Sparkle in our hearts to share with the world.  

30 October 2014

Halloween memories

There is only one costume I can remember. It was 1957 while we were living in Denver Colorado. I wanted to be an harem dancing girl with all the sheer veils. Remember we are in Denver. Mom made my dance recital costumes and I expected her to make this Halloween one. I do not remember why I wanted to be a harem dancing girl, just did. It took a few weeks, but she did finally convince me to be something more suitable to cold weather. We did have snow mid October, so it most likely would have been cold for Halloween. I do not remember what costume I wore. 

I remember the teen center parties dancing and haunted house while in Germany when I was 11 & 12 years old.

I remember handing out candy in North Dakota, 13-15 years old and in Florida 16-18 years old. No college Halloween memories.

At a couple of pharmacies we could dress up...I would be a Star Trek Next Generation medical officer or a mad chemist. I had gotten the medical blue top, some rank pips and communicator badge that I wore with some black slacks and black shoes I had. I had kept my lab coat from high school and college and it showed the wear and acid burn holes with some messed up hair and beaker I was the mad chemist.

I don't recall my parents ever dressing up to give out candy. I know I didn't when it was my job. Costumes are not my thing. I appreciate the effort people put into theirs be it original or film accurate. I'm looking forward to seeing pictures on Facebook from my friends that do cosplay. 

Happy Halloween everyone! Be safe for the kids and pets and have fun.

28 September 2014

Poem: Frame


By Abby Weyr
28 September 2014
Inspired by Taffrail Newly

A single frame of film
One moment caught in time
Many together
To make a life
In motion
Always moving forward
Until a break happens
Stalled life to fix
Before moving
Forward again.

25 September 2014

Poem: Holey Alone

Holey Alone
25 September 2014

Use to be just
holey sweats.
Then he left.
Now chest is holey too.
He said he loved me.
Yet he left me
Holey and alone.

A short poem about New Moon Bella.

20 September 2014

Review and comments about Stephenie Meyer Day 2014

I had a good time. Took pictures. Met some new people from faraway places. Ate too much and too well. There were some things that were not perfect. The last minute adjustments came off very well. Keeping in mind that the $150 charge was associated with the anniversary dinner, but really covered the whole weekend, I felt I got more than my money’s worth. The events were at different sites. The Olympic Coven, old and new members, and some well costumed attendees provided some good entertaining ‘scenes’. Overall rating A-.

The one problem that needs some creative thinking on is how to get last minute changes out to people. Not being in one location and people not attending all events and cell reception being questionable presents a problem. Twitter last year seemed to have left out too many people, or maybe it was just me. Facebook seemed to work better this year. Not everyone has a smart phone to check FB or Twitter on the go.

Another thing that needs some ideas about – ride and room sharing. There might be places where parking might be more limited than others, so carpooling might be a good idea. Someone may get to Forks via public transportation and need ride to the different locations. Some may need rides to / from SeaTac or train station or bus station or Seattle hotel – especially if last minute changes happen.

I’ve read through some of the comments and have to say I laughed out loud at some of the unreal expectations of some people. I’ve been attending and working on and managing science fiction conventions longer than a lot of the SMD attendees have been alive. Things go wrong. Sometimes you have a chance to fix before it is noticed. Sometimes you don’t. Vendors change things or prices or cancel. People crash special ticketed events so chairs and food run out. Blame those party crashers for enjoying food and space that you paid for and they did not. Blame those party crashers for the need of better security in the future for ticketed events.

Some comments sound like they are from a plant by the competition for Staci’s event. That should be a complement to Staci – they are afraid enough of her events’ success through hard work and effort that they have to plant someone in the messages to stir up things with nasty comments. Shame on them. They should work with Staci to present a multifaceted event, for visitors wanting an immersive experience with the Olympic Coven and those wanting more community orientated events and maybe some quiet gathering time for those wanting to sit and discuss the books and fan fiction and the movies.

Staci and the Olympic Coven had a variety of events at different prices or for free. As mentioned at the top the $150 dinner price was not just for the dinner, but for all the various events. Getting the use of a hall or space costs money. Food costs money. Getting the Olympic Coven to Forks, putting them in motel for the week and food all costs money. Buy items on the Redbubble account – Team T-shirts, cards, phone covers, etc. They will likely have to look for sponsors to help pay for the events in the future. Do not be upset if the T-Shirts start having sponsors’ names on them or if notices of sponsorships start appearing on web site or Facebook page. Get real people, it is not a sell-out, but a practical way to keep costs down for the fans.

Thank you, Staci Chastain and all the Olympic Coven members and fans that attended for a great event and a great weekend. Your work showed and is greatly appreciated. These words are barely sufficient to express my feelings of gratitude for your work.

22 March 2014

Creation and Evolution

Creation and Evolution
Written 17 March 2014

I watched the second episode of Cosmos: Space Time Adventure last night. I am amazed at the continued either / or on creation and evolution issue.

Why can’t it be creation and evolution?

I was a science major in high school and college. I have never seen the conflict between the two ‘sides’. My faith tells me we were created in the image of our Heavenly Father. He also created plants and animals and bacteria and virus, etc.

Did he create them exactly as they are now? No.

Once created evolution has been ongoing. Natural selection happened. Breeding by humans has happened. Mutations have happened. You could almost say that actually de-evolution happened first as everything was created perfect, then environment had an impact and things started to change. Look at the life spans as noted in the Bible how they gradually shortened from Adam and Eve’s nearly 1,000 years.  

To me nature is the handiwork of our Heavenly Father. The beauty. The simplicity. The complexity. All are evidence of our Heavenly Father creating everything and putting in place things to evolve thereafter. Creation and evolution at work together. 

26 January 2014

Poem: Balance

By Abby Weyr
26 January 2014

Reflect on and learn from the past
Look forward and plan for the future
While living in the present.
For we should know
How far we have come
How far we have to go
And where we are.

Picture taken at Rialto Beach, Washington on 16 September 2013.

The picture inspired the poem along with a recent picture/saying on Facebook. That one was about only looking forward. I disagree. My thoughts about it came together as the poem as I was going through the pictures from SMD and saw this one. To me it is a matter of balancing the three aspects of our life - past, future and present.