30 July 2011

Poem: Twilight Lexicon

Twilight Lexicon
By abbyweyr  June 2011
A tribute to Twilight Lexicon

First there was a book
Then came fans
Then came fan fiction
Then came web sites

Alphie started a fan fic story
Stephenie reviewed it
Questions were asked
And answered

Info needed to be shared
And organized
With help from friends
Twilight Lexicon was born

Just a month after Alphie
Read the first book.
And within six months of
Book’s publication date

More friends helped and
Met more friends on line
They gathered information
And organized into a lexicon

You can find anything and everything
Twilight nicely categorized from
Books and movies and news
On Twilight Lexicon

They provide fans with the latest
News and pictures and videos
They traveled to Forks and movie sets
To share with fans all they can

There are forums for fans to discuss
All things Twilight and other general topics too
This provides a safe place for fans
To gather and meet others of like mind.
They have survived all the controversies
They have seen people leave in disgust
And new ones join in the Twilight universe
The longest continuous running Twilight site.

We thank you Alphie and Pel and all the
Forum leaders and helpful tech support
For keeping us up to date and providing a
Good clean place to hang out.

About Poem "Twilight Lexicon"

Twilight Lexicon (TL) is one of two Twilight related web site I visit regularly.  I found it as a featured web site on Stehpenie Meyer's web site, before that list went strictly alphabetical.  I looked at a variety of sites and found TL to be the most professional and mature looking, clean and easy to navigate around.  Good info nicely organized if not always typo free. Very much to my taste.  It helped me get caught up with the Twilight fandom, especially the movie material.  And they had personal correspondence with Ms Meyer providing even more info.  

There is information on how it got started on the site and about the staff.  It is the longest continuous running Twilight web site.  The two ladies, screen names Alphie and Pel, wanted / needed a place to gather all the info about Twilight into a lexicon.  Now it is really more an encyclopedia rather than a dictionary of Twilight info along with news and forums.  The forums are a big black hole of time for me [worse than fan fiction], so I don't visit them often.  They have high standards of accurate news reporting, no trashy stuff, no stolen pictures/footage.  Recently they did a great job of live blogging from ComiCon.

Since my poems are a way to express my thanks and pay tribute, one for TL was needed.  As with the one on Ms Meyer, I am not completely satisfied with it as is.   We will have to wait and see if inspiration brings a better version.  Thanks ladies for a comfortable place to visit and get Twilight fix of news and info.

Poem: Stephenie Meyer

Stephenie Meyer, Twilight
By abbyweyr June 2011
A tribute to TWS author based on known history

Stephenie woke up from a dream:
A couple in a beautiful meadow
She a chocolate eyed beauty
He a sparkly vampire

He was thirsty for her blood
But overrode that thirst for
The thirst of knowing her
Of being with her

She was mystified by him
It was stupid and possibly dangerous
But she didn’t want to resist
She trusted him to keep her safe

Stephanie wrote the rest of the story
And then how they got to the meadow
Shared it with her sister who
Encouraged her to publish

That was the beginning of Twilight
Three books followed the first
Then the movies and another
Book along with Official Guide

The stories told of Bella and Edward
Of their choices made and
Consequences followed
Jacob made it a love triangle

Through it all the three
Survived and love flourished
Human, shape shifters and the good
Sparkly vampires live together.

We thank you Stephenie and your
Sister for encouraging you to share
Your dream story, adding sparkly
Vampire romance to our lives

We thank you for wonderful characters
And their fascinating stories
That you allow us to play with as long as
We play nice with proper disclaimers included.

About Poem "Stephenie Meyer"

 I'm doing this just to be consistent.  This really doesn't need an "About Poem" post.  The line underneath name and date pretty much says it all.  This and the TL one were a little forced.  I'm not sure I like them as they currently are.  I am not sure what exactly is not completely right with them, so they get posted as is.  I can always write a new different one as the inspiration strikes.  aw

25 July 2011

Poem: Wonder

By abbyweyr May 2011
Based on TWS: BD pg 122 to 127 by Stephenie Meyer

Found blue box
Instead of pink bottle

Count the days
Late 5 days?
He comes and
confirms the days
Definitely late.

Long hours sleeping
Snore instead of talking
Vivid dreams
Eating for two

How is this even possible?
Definite bump
After 17 days?
There is a nudge

Never wanted children
Never thought could have
Any with him
Now a bump and a nudge



Poem: Wonder Child

Wonder Child
By abbyweyr May 2011
Based on TWS fan fiction Give Her Some Credit, ch1-7 by kmwhyte

Jeans too tight?
Feel a bump?
Stop at store for test

How is this even possible?
Only been 8 days
Only one time
How can there be a bump?

Stupid vampire speed.

They left
He didn’t love me anymore
Now I have to leave
Protect Charlie
I am all alone.

Where do I go?
How can I do this alone?
I can’t.
Who can I call?

End up at big white house
Find a trunk from Alice
Find supplies

Call Angela
Asks only how to help?
Suddenly the time is now
Renesmee enters the world


No time to stop
Need to save self for her
Must become what they are
Syringes ready and used
Angela cares for Renesmee
While I burn
Wake to go hunt alone
Remember Emmett’s talk

Back to big white house
Thank Angela through window
Human blood scent too tempting
In 3 days Renesmee grown so much

Stupid vampire speed

Wonder and Love!

About Poems "Wonder" and "Wonder Child"

These two poems are about Bella discovering she is pregnant in Breaking Dawn and a fan fiction story, “Give Her Some Credit” by kmwhyte.  When I read alternate universe (AU) fan fiction I compare/contrast between the original and the fan story.  I was struck by the sense of wonder / amazement that the authors wrote for Bella as she figures out she is pregnant.  These two poems came about at the same time, kind of alternating between the two.  It was a weird experience bouncing back and forth a stanza here then the other.  In "Wonder"  blue box is box of tampons and the pink bottle is some anti-nausea medicine she was looking for due to morning sickness.  I hope that I have managed to express Bella’s wonder as well.  

22 July 2011

Poem: Pioneers

By abbyweyr July 2011

Crossing the great plains of America
Covered wagons circled around campfires
Women in gingham and bonnets
Men in white shirts and suspenders crossing their backs
These are our westward pioneers

Crossing void of space
Men sit on top of contained fire
Wait for countdown to light the fire
Monitored by men sitting in smoke filled rooms
People watch and wait for our space pioneers

Challenges cross an individual
Journal entries made about
Discovering something new
Trying something new
Becoming a personal pioneer

We celebrate the Westward pioneers
We celebrate the space pioneers
Let us celebrate ourselves
Our own personal discoveries.
We are all pioneers.

About Poem "Pioneers"

This was written on 20 July 2011 the anniversary of moon landing in 1969.  The next day the shuttle Atlantis landed in Florida, the end of the last shuttle mission.  Members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints celebrate 24 July as the day Brigham Young and company came into the Salt Lake Valley in 1847.  My mind kind of latched onto those three pioneering events and then said, “What about these poems and blog?  This is a scary pioneering effort for me.”  I figure there are others out there doing similar but their own scary pioneer thing.  Thanks to those that have supported me in this new endeavor, most especially my two previewers, Christine and Karen.

Now go out and do some pioneering of your own and celebrate!

20 July 2011

Poem: Dream, Can't I?

Dream, Can’t I?
By abbyweyr May 2011
Based on TWS fan fiction "What Drives Her" by Virginia May

Saturday Bella

A normal Saturday
At Volvo service department
Scheduled appointments
Demanding walk ins

Normal, until owner’s neighbor
Rolled in demanding service now
Moved mechanics around and
She was in and out in record time

Owner came in with a
Drive shiny silver Volvo
To other dealership

It’s been 5 years
Still remember Edward Cullen
And desire to ride with him
In his shiny silver Volvo

This will be next best thing
Listen to Romeo & Juliet
While drive car to other location
A girl can dream, can’t she?

Edward’s Friday and Saturday

Nervous coming home to stay
After 5 years mostly away
Esme picks me up at airport
Driving my Vanquish

Welcomed home with voices
Mental and verbal from rest of family
Hunt or tour new home?
Hunt first with my family
Dream of one who is missing
Girl with chocolate eyes
Bella Swan running beside me
A vampire can dream, can’t he?

Tour new home
Find my room with a bed
Mom hope I feel have place
To stay now

Unpack boxed books and CD’s
Alice sees need to change
Where pick up new shiny silver Volvo
While on a family trip

Good to be home and stay
But dream of another who is still missing
Bella by my side as come home
A boy can dream, can’t he?

Sunday Edward

Talk with Jasper as walk to
Dealership for shiny silver Volvo
Door opens brings a hint of
Never forgotten, always longed for scent

Too many people to run
Promised family I was staying
But that scent is so tasty
How to resist?

Alice and Esme and Jasper calm me
Help me through role of getting
Silver Volvo, open car door and
Bella’s scent flows over me

She drove my car listening to
Romeo & Juliet, a reminder of a
Tragic love with
Tragic consequence
Spent a week in the car with
Her scent surrounding me
Dream of us together.
A vampire can dream, can’t he?

2 weeks later Edward and Esme

Son and mother on weekend trip
Set up by brother for service problem
With new shiny silver Volvo
Receive a call from Bella

Mother has never met Bella
Maybe some day she dreams
Not some day, but today
Says son.

Watch from across the street
Until phone rings again
Mom encourages to go
Just be nice to her

A mother wants her son
To be happy with a mate
Like the rest of family have
A Mother can dream, can’t she?

About Poem "Dream Can't I?"

This poem is inspired by a fan fiction “What Drives Her” by Virginia May.  The first couple of chapters her closing line was ‘…could dream’.  That phrase was thought by Bella and Edward and almost by Esme.  That phrase stuck with me and became basis for this poem.  The poem leads up to each character thinking that phrase.  They all want the same thing.  The action surrounds the delivery of a new shiny silver Volvo.  The story is posted on both Ramblings and Thoughts (R&T) and fanfiction.net (ffn).  

18 July 2011

Abbreviations and definitions

I thought there might be some people stopping by for a visit that might not be familiar with all the terms and abbreviations that will likely be used on the blog.  Hope this helps. It will be made into a static page on right side as well.

Abbreviations and definitions used here

AH – All Human, the characters are all human, no supernatural beings
AU – Alternate Universe, where things didn’t go the same way as in the books, “what if ..?” stories
BD – Breaking Dawn book
EC – Eclipse book
FFN – fanfiction.net web site (or ffn), included on web site list
NM – New Moon book
R&T – Ramblings and Thoughts web site, canon TWS fan fiction, old pod casts, link to Twilight Lexicon site, info on writing fan fiction, included on web site list
SM – Stephenie Meyer, author of Twilight Saga books and others that I’ve not read yet
TL – Twilight Lexicon web site
TM – Twilight Moms web site
TW – Twilight book

Canon – stories that keep to the original characters and history
Fan fiction – stories written by fans of book, TV series, movie, etc, using those characters in canon or AU universe
Post – the main part of the blog that is updated regularly, home page
Static page – those pages on a blog that don’t change much, off to side, like this page that you are reading after I post it. 

About Poem "Alice"

This poem is based on a TWS fan fiction by Openhome, Singularity.  This story affected me in a manner similar to the original TWS.  One reason I think that I am inspired with these poems is a way to say thank you to the authors and pay a small tribute to them for their work to sharing their stories.  Openhome is also an administrator for Ramblings and Thoughts (R&T), a canon TWS fan fiction site. I sent her the first two poems asking if appropriate to the site for posting.  She posted them and set things up for me to post other works.  That was a big encouragement to my writing and sharing.  It is scary sharing these and now more so with this blog.  Anyway....so I started thinking about what could I do to say thank you to her and this poem came out.  It is a summary of the story which is about Alice from waking as a vampire to meeting Jasper.  Singularity is a really good story.  Alice has lots of adventures as she discovers things about herself.  It is available at both R&T and fanfiction.net (ff.net) - see 'web site visit regularly' on right side.

Poem: Alice

By abbyweyr May 2011
Based on Singularity by Openhome

Alice woke up all alone
Not knowing who or what
She was or now is.

She had a vision of a
Blonde haired man,
Knew he was her love.

She had another vision of a
Family, first two, then three
Then one more and one final one.

That family was another goal;
But first had to find the
Blonde haired man, Jasper.

She fed on instinct
Not knowing how or why;
Not liking what she saw after.

Found an empty school,
Learned her letters, numbers
Geography and history.

Decided to follow example
From the family to feed on animals,
So that she could join that family.

As wandering alone she
Found a couple to
Explain what she was

A vampire.

Found work as seamstress
For a nearly blind couple.
She lived in church belfry.

Then the husband died;
Wife returned to New York
To live with her sister.

Alice went with her;
And there began
Her lessons in finances.

While working the shady side
Of the money business
She was found by the

Local vampires.

She learned more about
Money and fashion
And being a vampire.

Visions of the blonde haired man
Knew eventually find and love him
And together join the family of five.

There were parties to attend
And to plan
And money to make grow.

Then vision of blonde haired man
Came, but he was with another.
Oh, such pain for Alice.

She became a shell.
She moved the shell around
Traveling with friends as if normal.

A friend eventually broke
The shell and she learned
More about being a vampire.

Alice returned to America.
While waiting to meet Jasper
She went to college.

Found a human friend
With husband away at war
Until dreaded news arrived.

She helped her friend through
The grieving time until
She found another to love and marry.

That is when Alice found
The place where she was
To meet Jasper.

The visions were clearer.
The time must be close.
How to have patience?

She waited at the diner
Until the day arrived and
Jasper walked through the door.

They left together in the rain,
To discover each other
And the life to live together.

16 July 2011

About Poems "Changes" and "Choices"

To me the two major themes of the Twilight Saga are change and choices.  'Choices' came about after reading some fan fiction stories about the character Rosalie Hale.  She made some choices with some consequences surrounding her change from human to vampire.  There are also choices that all the major characters make that move the story along.  'Changes' is the result of choices made.  This poem is particularly about the changes that the three main characters go through from those choices they made.  'Choices' was started first but was the second one to be finished.  While  both of these poems are about what characters in Twilight go through, they are things that real people have to deal with as well - changes and choices.

Poem: Choices

By abbyweyr May 2011
Inspired by Twilight Saga novels by Stephenie Meyer and fan fiction

Some things just happen
Nothing you can do can change
What has happened

You make decisions,
How you react to
What has happened

You choose
How you think about
What has happened

There are always choices
No matter
What has happened

Some choices will be
Mistakes will happen

Perhaps a painful lesson, but
They can be corrected and
Outcome changed

Some choices will be
With desired results

Some choices will
With results

There are consequences
No matter what

Will indecision paralyze you
Will joy lead you forward
Will sadness fog your path
Will anger cloud your judgment
Will compassion be your guide
Will arrogance poison your dealings

Will envy color your life
Will revenge be your goal
Will temptation be denied

Will visions become reality
Will over analysis delay you
Will regret haunt your future

Will fear hold you back
Will curiosity lead you astray
Will wonder be your friend

Will hope be your companion
Will faith light your way
Will love be your redemption

Will instinct or thought or love
Overcome all to win
Will a balance be found

What we are can not be changed
But that does not
Make us who we are

Choices we make defines
Who we are
Who we will become

Poem: Changes

By abbyweyr May 2011
Inspired by Twilight Saga novels by Stephenie Meyer and fan fiction stories

A few things are
   stable and permanent

Most things change
   some for good some for bad
       some just different

Some changes are
   slow and gradual
       others quick
   not so welcomed
     happen anyway

Some are physical
   some are attitudes and behaviours
     or thoughts and actions

Some once started can be stopped
     others proceed

People change
   growing older, mature
     maybe even wiser

Even stones change
   air water time

She wants a change
   he refuses
     he leaves

Change happened anyway
   not way wanted, not welcome
     just necessary for survival
Now both are stuck
   If feel anything it is pain
     otherwise just nothing, numbness

Alternate between pain and numbness
   that is her life now
     that is his existence now

They remember once that there was more to
   life and existence
     but that was long ago

Remembering hurts
   back to pain from numbness
     trapped in a box

Where is the key
   Who has the key
     to let them out?

Three become trapped from his refusal
   two at same time but separately
     one at different time and all alone

Same key
   different key holder
     to release all three

There are the surrounding victims
   they watch
     they wait

They try to help
   they support
     they try to be a key

They are

They don’t know what
   to do
     to say
To end the pain
   to end the numbness
     to speed healing

They love
   and know that love
     is not felt for now

They stand ready
   to welcome each
     to love each

When the right key
   is used for each
     to release each

From their trap
   to find love again
     to feel more than pain and numbness

To grow and change
   in light
     surrounded by love

The two separated
   find each other
     and are healed

The one alone
   is now trapped
     waiting for his key

The two together
   make a key
     for the one alone

All three passed through
   their personal hell

More aware now of their
   own strength
     and their strength together

Surrounded by love

Settling In

I've learned a lot in looking around at other blog support sites.  This is not working out as I had hoped, but I think it will be most acceptable on this site.  I really wanted to have each poem on its own static page, Blogger only allows 10 static pages and I have more than 10 poems.  The format on the static page is always left justified and that doesn't always work for the poems.

So what I will be doing instead is each poem will be a post in main part of blog with post title Poem: poem title, then I'll likely post separately some comments about the poem with post title About Poem poem title.  I will use one of the static pages to list the poems with posted dates and summary. The archives will keep the posts available.  I hope that will be sufficient for readers to find a specific poem later.

I am going to leave the early posts including the test one.  My plans are to post two to three times a week after this initial batch of poems already written.  For those that visit I hope you enjoy the poems and other writings.  Your comments are welcomed.

13 July 2011


This is a test on posting with intendation
        On Blogger.  I may post the poems and
             Use static page to give a list of poems

04 July 2011

Investigating blog hosting sites

I am seriously considering stopping this blog here due to limit of 10 static pages.  I found a YouTube video on expanding number of pages and seems like really too much trouble.  So I am investigating other blog hosting sites.  WordPress.com and LiveJournal.com and then maybe some lesser known ones.  I just want simple easy to use, but with ability to have each poem on its own static page.  I posted the rest of poems to R&T and ff.net over the past couple of days.  Sent last one actually written to Karen and Christine for review.  Then need to think of what write about next.  More TWS couples or something else.  One of my documents is list of ideas.  See what comes to mind as think about it.  So far they have written themselves as the thoughts collect words.  Then I put it down and figure out if looks, sounds good and adjust.  Usually an hour or two after I've sent it for review I come up with changes.  I try to wait a day or two to see if anything more comes to mind and still shortly after send it...ideas come.  sigh with big shoulder shrug.  I'm not going to post any more poems on this site until decided if continue to move elsewhere.  Happy 4 July!

02 July 2011

holiday weekend

'Tis an holiday weekend, 4 July, there is a science fiction convention in town, WesterCon 64.  This will likely be my one and only post for a few days.  If I'm on computer at all, I will be posting more poems to Ramblings and Thoughts (R&T) and/or fanfiction.net (ff.n).  Did I mention I bought 'Blogging for Dummies'?  I'll be reading that as well, to better figure out what I'm doing here and if have to move this blog so post poems the way I want to.  Have a safe and enjoyable 4 July celebration!  take care, aw

01 July 2011

Day 3 of blog adventure

I've let four people know I'm working on this.  One is my first follower!  Christine you are my sunshine!  I did download two (2) poems.  Found out can only have 10 pages.  I was hoping to have a page for each poem, so easier to read and comment.  I will have to investigate this some more.  I'm changing my general email address to the gmail account.  Slowly letting folks know. 

WesterCon starts today, so depending on how busy I get with that we'll see how much more I get posted here.  Nothing much creative right now, just learning the admin stuff. 

May you and yours have a safe and enjoyable 4 July 2011!