30 August 2011

Happy Labor Day Weekend

Don't look for anything else from me for a few days.  A friend is coming in from out of state.  Haven't seen and spent time with her in ages.  I have taken Friday off and we are having our own mini Twilight Con, watch the movies and The Hillywood Show parodies, talk, relax and whatever else strikes our fancy.  Saturday will be Highland Games!  It will be her first time going and I'm so excited to share it with her.  Hope everyone has a safe and enjoyable holiday weekend.

24 August 2011

Phase 2 complete

Awpaw.blogspot.com phase 2 is complete.   All of currently written poems and some commentaries are posted as of 23 August 2011.  Now onto the scarier part:  writing more poems and commentary about life in general, fandom and Twilight to share.  Please show your support with comments or ‘like’ Facebook posts or follow the blog.  That support will be greatly appreciated and much needed. 

23 August 2011

About Poems: Conflict and Rest

This is a trio of poems about Edward under the group title "Conflict and Rest".  The first one, "That Piece", is based on a fan fiction "A Coming of Age" by Elise Shaw, link on right side of post.  The second, "Torn", is just the general problems Edward has between two conflicting things.  The last one, "Solace", is his rest in music and Bella.  Comments are always appreciated.  Hope you enjoy.  December 2011 update:  "A Coming of Age" is no longer available to read.

Poem: That Piece

That Piece
By abbyweyr June 2011
Based on A Coming of Age by Elise Shaw, Chapter 12

First time at Chicago Symphony
Father put me on his lap so
I could watch and hear.
It was captivating, especially
That piece.

Asked for piano lessons
That were denied until
Tried to pick out by ear
That piece.

Years later practicing
Mother called me to get
Our doctor for father.
I was practicing
That piece.

Did not know at the time
That was last Human time
Touched the piano keys and it was
That piece.

A few years later a night out
With Carlisle and Esme
Hear another orchestra
They played
That piece

My worlds collided that night
Past and present and future
Tsunami waves of memories connected to
That piece

Emotions erupted with disastrous results
Pent up and denied for so long
Anger, hurt, loss, and thirst all boiled up
New memory, new loss to connect to
That piece.

Poem: Torn

By abbyweyr July 2011
Inspired by TWS by Stephenie Meyer
And fan fiction

As a boy life was simple
Baseball or piano practice
Was all I was torn between

As a youth life a little more complicated
College and law or army soldier
Was all I was torn between

As a newborn immortal
Back to simple things
Torn between human or animal blood

Instinct and thirst great for human blood
Respect and love for Carlisle
Overcame instinct, satisfied with animal blood

Until hearing the thirst from two others
Added to my own became
Torn between leaving or staying with family

Left family to take human blood
From human monsters
Torn between rapist or murders

Human blood did not fill
The empty hole from
Tearing apart family

Returned to repair the tear in family
Returned to animal blood
Torn no more between family or human blood


One January day in biology class
Hit with the most delicious scent
Torn between kill now or later my singer

Kill all the classmate witnesses or
Kill the secretary or follow her home
Torn between kill quickly or slowly my singer

Follow the path of Carlisle
Follow natural instinct
Torn between kill singer or deny bloodlust

Expose the whole family
Tear a hole in family
Torn between kill singer or leave family

Leave hole in family
Return to family and singer
Torn between stay away or risk exposure

Who is this insignificant human girl child
To awaken thirst for human blood?
Torn between stay away or return home

Return to repair hole in family and me
Control and discipline paramount
Torn between satisfy curiosity or bloodlust

Discovered who this insignificant girl child is
She opened my world to the love of a mate
Torn between bloodlust and safety

Constant throat burn being near her
Stay near or leave
Torn between thirst and keeping her safe

Always, no matter what, keep her safe.

Poem: Solace

By abbyweyr July 2011
Inspired by TWS by Stephenie Meyer

Fingers dance across piano keys
Notes float in air
Music lets my mind be alone
Music is my solace

Even before my change
Music was a place to just be
Emotions flowed in and around the notes
As my fingers danced across the keys

Now immortal, music still
Is a place to just be
To express emotions
As my fingers dance across the keys

Music is my rest and refuge
From the constant noise of mental voices
As I play piano or listen to recorded
Music is my solace.

No where else do I have quiet
To hear only my thoughts
But within the solace of music
Until a quiet mind that is not heard

With her quiet mind
I hear only my thoughts
And still be with someone
Music is no longer my only solace

20 August 2011

Poem: Carlisle and Esme

Carlisle and Esme
By abbyweyr June 2011
Based on TWS by Stephenie Meyer
Sweet sixteen Esme Platt
Broke her leg falling out of a tree.
She met Dr Carlisle Cullen
As he set her leg.

She was entranced by the handsome
Blond haired doctor with British accent
And cold hands that felt so good
On broken leg.

He left the area soon after.
Was there a reason why?
Did he think of her
During those passing years?

Ten years later they meet again.
He was working in the morgue that night.
She is thought to be dead
From falling off cliff after newborn baby died.

He heard her still beating heart.
He remembered the sweet sixteen girl
Falling out of tree breaking just a leg.
This time so much more is broken.

His doctor skills alone will not help.
He quickly decides to give her a
Second life with a bite to neck
To start healing and the change.

She burns for three days.
She imagines she is in hell
For leaving abusive husband
And jumping off a cliff.

Carlisle by her side while she burns
To comfort as much as possible.
She remembers from long ago
The handsome doctor.
She sees and hears him vaguely,
Thinks that it is nothing more
Than the day dreams she has had
For these passing years.

She wakes to a new life
With the dream doctor
A reality by her side
To tell her she is now

A vampire.

She is confused as a newborn.
He is confused as her sire.
Was there something more
To his reasons to change her?

What were his motives for
Giving her a second life?
Edward his companion for
Two years wonders the same thing.

He hears their thoughts;
Sees their feelings develop
For each other,
But they deny them.

Carlisle alone for so long
Is unsure what he feels.
Does not know what to do.
He watches her shyly.

Esme as a newborn vampire
Needs time to adjust without
Added emotional turmoil;
Or so he thinks.

He tries to keep a respectful
Distance between them
As he and Edward teach her
About being a vampire.

Esme remembers the day dreams
Of the handsome doctor
From her youthful days;
A standard suitors never met.

Esme adjusts to being in the
Cullen coven drinking animal blood.
They slowly realize their feelings
Of love are mutual.

Perhaps mind reading Edward
Helped along the way.
Carlisle and Esme, eternal mates
No longer alone.

What started as one alone
Became two as father and son;
Then a family of three
Bound by love freely given.

Poem: Emmett and Rosalie

Emmett and Rosalie
By abbyweyr June 2011
Based on TWS by Stephenie Meyer

Emmett went hunting meat for his family.
Rosalie went hunting animal blood for her.
Emmett found a bear that decided to have
Him for dinner instead of being dinner.

Rosalie smelled the blood.
The bear didn’t have a chance.
Emmett saw an angel
Then was flying in her arms.

There was something about him
That drew Rosalie to
Run 100 miles with a bloody
Emmett in her arms.

She wasn’t happy with her existence
But there was something about him.
She asked Carlisle to change him
To save him for her

She stayed at his side while he burned.
He thought she was an angel in hell
When he woke to the new life as a vampire
He was fine being with his beautiful angel.

They were a matched pair
Balancing each other so well.
She had the attention she needed
He had a beautiful angel all his own.

He made her laugh.
Her life was lighter with him.
They became a mated pair
The second in the Cullen family.

The Cullen vampire family
Two couples and one single
One family of five
Bound by love freely given.

About Poems: Twilight Couples

As promised back to posting poems.  The earlier poems I wrote without preview help.  They were posted on Ramblings and Thoughts and Fanfiction.net.  They were being read and reviewed, even marked as favorites.  One early review after just the first two mentioned looking forward to more.  That encouraged me to write some more and the next batch came about.  I was having some problems with these couple poems and wanted some preview help.  I asked one of the regular reviews of my poems on R&T to preview and beta them and asked a friend for the same help.  Christine and Karen helped make all of these poems better and hopefully all future ones too.  Thank you ladies for the assistance and encouragement.

I am putting this "About" in the middle of a set of four poems about the Twilight Couples.  So far I've only done the Cullens.  There are other couples and I am thinking about those, but nothing has come together yet.

After doing the Alice, Twilight Lexicon and Stephenie poems I thought about what next to write on.  There are two authors writing stories about Carlisle and Esme's early years.  These stories are wonderful in same way as Singularity and the original saga.  So I started thinking about Carlisle and Esme as a couple and thought maybe I could do a poem for each Twilight couple.  Hope you enjoy.  Comments are greatly appreciated.

There are links to these Carlisle and Esme stories on the right side:
No Longer Alone by Elise Shaw
A Coming of Age by Elise Shaw
Stained Glass Soul by Mackenzielle    this is Esme's point of view
Behind Stained Glass by Mackenzielle   these chapters are Carlisle's or Edward's pov

Poem: Alice and Jasper

Alice and Jasper
By abbyweyr June 2011
Based on TWS books by Stephenie Meyer

She woke a lone vampire
Not knowing who or what she was.
She had visions of a blond haired man
Who was to be her love, her mate.

She had visions of a yellow eyed vampire family;
She longed to be a part of that family.
First she had to find her mate so
They could join family together.

He was the youngest Major in Confederate Army.
Found and turned by a vampire to be
Commander of her vampire army;
To claim human cattle as feeding fields.

He knew blood and battle.
There was passion for the one who turned him.
Time and emotions wore him out.
He broke free of vampire army.

She learned to hunt animals to be like the
Yellow eyed vampire family of five.
He hunted humans, becoming lost;
Price was getting too much to pay.

She was searching and waiting for him
Saw visions of him, but would miss
Being in right place at right time.

He was searching for peace from the
Emotional torment of hunting humans;
Without knowing it also looking for her.

Her visions became clearer.
They were closer to becoming reality.
She knew they would be together
And that he was clueless.

A rainy night in Philadelphia
The time was right for the two.
He found the diner to get out of rain.
She approached him as soon as he entered.

Battle scarred Jasper felt new emotions
From the petite pixie approaching him,
Calmed his wariness of this stranger.
He felt his own hope for first time.

She had waited 28 years.
He had existed for 85 years.
Now he found his mate and
Began to live.

They left that diner together.
She shared her vision of
Yellow eyed family of five.
For two years they searched.

The Cullen vampire family of five
Became family of seven;
Three mated couples and one single
Bound by love freely given.

Poem: Bella and Edward

Bella and Edward
By abbyweyr June 2011
Based on TWS by Stephenie Meyer

She arrived mid school year.
Their eyes met across a crowded cafeteria.
He was sitting with siblings,
She was sitting with classmates.

She asked about the group of five
Sitting separate from rest.
She noticed things no one else saw
But was not put off by the differences.

She blushed being caught staring.
He frowned not able to ‘hear’ her.
He could ‘hear’ unkind thoughts from classmates.
Strangely he wanted to protect her from them.

The only empty seat in the biology class
Was to share a lab table with him.
She walked by a fan that blew her scent
Straight to a suddenly very thirsty vampire.

Her scent was the most delicious
He had ever come across in nearly 90 years.
He had not had human blood for 75 years;
He was tempted to break his animal blood diet.

He resisted the siren call of her blood
Keeping Carlisle’s face in mind.
He protected her and classmates.
It was a tortuous hour for him.

She noticed his strange black eyes,
Wondered if he was breathing.
He looked so angry at her
Did not say one word to her.

He ran too quickly from that room.
Then in office trying to get out of that class
Ran into her again and tempted
Even more with only one other there.

He ran out again too quickly for human.
She was confused and hurt by his actions;
Could not understand why angry or hate her
When never met, never spoke.

He did not go home that day,
Went to Alaska to collect himself.
How could an insignificant human girl
Chase him away from his family?

Her siren blood was not worth
Disruption to his family.
He could face her and overcome
The call of her siren blood.

He returned to classes.
He spoke to her in biology.
Their fingers touched
Electricity felt by both.

Next morning he literally protected
Her from being crushed by skidding van
Using his vampire speed and strength.
She noticed and could not be dissuaded.

That moment of holding her was not enough.
He wanted more and not just her blood anymore.
He asked her to lie about how he saved her
And promised an explanation.

At the hospital explanation was denied.
They parted in anger.
She tried to speak to him the next day;
And was still denied.

For six weeks only talk about the lab at hand.
Then girl’s choice dance was coming up.
She had three boys that wanted to go with her.
He realized he was jealous of those boys.

She refused all offers to go to dance;
Too clumsy to dance, made other plans
For that weekend of dance;
Drive her old truck to Seattle.

Went with some friends to First Beach.
Ran into old family friend that fixed and
Sold the old truck to her father.
He told her scary tribal stories.

Went with two girl friends to find dresses
And find a book of Indian legends.
She got lost and was found by the
Wrong kind of human monster.

He was there to save her again;
Took her to dinner and then home
But not before questions were answered.
She knew what he was.

She was still in car alone with him.
This was good and this was bad.
There was something not right.
She had no sense of self preservation.

A human could not know about them.
How can he have a relationship with her?
They are so different, he could hurt her
So easily just not being careful enough.

He picks her up for school,
They talk, questions back and forth.
Arrange a trip on Saturday to Seattle;
Until Alice forewarns it will be sunny.

His throat is on fire around her
From the siren call of her blood.
His spirit aches to know her soul,
Above all he needs to keep her safe.

They go to his favorite quiet place.
Hiking at human pace to the meadow.
She sees his sparkly skin,
Strength and speed of predator.

They learn more about each other,
Thoughts and feelings are shared.
She sees his human side as well.
They share a kiss that seals their love.
The Cullen vampire family is now
Three mated vampire couples and
One single vampire with his still human mate.
Bound by love freely given.

16 August 2011

The last Web site info posting

Last part of web sites info for now.  Poems later this week.  I recently added four web sites on the list.  I am not overly familiar with any of these.

LDS Church - Mormon.org has information for non-members about The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.  I am a member and haven't visited this site. 

Page to Premiere.com follows popular books once picked up to be made into films to their premiere.  This started off with Twilight and Harry Potter and the founder decided to expand it.  Nicely done site. 

Good Reads is a book recommendation site.  A friend recommend this one and looks interesting.  I do need to read something else besides Twilight Saga books and fan fiction. 

Fictionators is a Twilight fan fiction review site.  They post teasers to stories along with reviews.  There is an archived list of stories that they have recommended.  There are apparently special columns posted each day of week.  Virginia May posted teasers to two stories I'm following is how I found this and haven't explored much of the site as yet. 

Update 12 September 2011:  Looked around and read some things on the Fictionators site.  I found the use of vulgar language too frequent and inappropriate.  I have removed them from the web site list.

14 August 2011

Information about fan fiction sites, R&T and FFN

Part 3 of web site info posts, after this back to poems.

There are two fan fiction sites that my Twilight poems are posted on and that I read regularly - RamblingsandThoughts.com and FanFiction.net.  There are others sites out there, I'm just limiting the black hole of time to two sites.  They are very different sites.

R&T is my favorite site.  It has old pod casts - Forkcasts, link to Twilight Lexicon, fan fiction writing tips, fan fiction, link to Twilight Lexicon forums, and blog.  I have not yet listened to the podcasts.  TL and forums are already on favorites lists.  The writing tips are useful.  It has been awhile since I looked at the blog part.  My recollection is that one entry is how the administrator, Openhome, started writing rather than painting - interesting story.

The fan fiction stories are canon or close to and they are rated PG13 or lower. The stories tend to be missing scenes, times not covered in the books at all - the summers and back stories, same as books but from different character's point of view - Edward being the most popular.  It is a nice clean safe place to read canon stories.  Some of the humorous ones are a little or whole lot over the top on the characters, but that is to be expected for the parody and humor.  There are categories listed so if you want story in a particular book, you can find them easily.  There are a small number of Alternate Universe stories.  There are some poems, lots besides mine.  The summaries are good.  The stories are well written, good grammar and spelling and editing.  That is not to say they are perfect.  There are still typo's and occasionally misused words.  Spell check doesn't work so well for correctly spelled sound alike words.

You do need to register to be able to leave a review.  Anyone can read the reviews.  I try to write them so as to not give anything away in the story in case someone reads the reviews before reading the story [which I do sometimes].  The stats - number of reviews, number of readers, are easily available.  There is a place to look if the story is completed or not.  Word count and number of chapters are also shown.  The author's response to reviews are available to read for everyone.  All the authors say they read the reviews, some reply some don't.  Reviews are the only way author knows if you have actually read or just visited and passed on by.  Reviews help the author improve their writing and the story.

Fan Fiction.net is for books, tv shows, movies, comics, etc.  On the home page you make your selection and go from there.  There are Mature rated stories.  The summaries sometime are bad.  The stories are sometimes bad.  The stories are all over the place - canon, AU, all human (AH), TWS fantasy stories.  Anyone at any age can post stories - that includes preteens.  There are stories in other languages.  If you are looking for a particular story, best to already have the URL or look for it by author name.  Story title is not a search options.  The option labeled story is for story content.  You do not need to register to leave a review for some stories/authors.  The author's response is not available for anyone to read, not nice of FFN in my opinion.  The replies are sent via private message.  There are some really good stories as well.  There are communities that gather stories according to number of reviews, recommended by TWM or TL or someone in particular.  I think the different fanfic awards have own communities so you can read the stories that won and / or nominated.  What I have started doing is looking at the favorite lists of authors I like and checking out those stories and authors.  If you register you can sign up for story alerts when updated.

It is kind of fun to read a story like a serial on weekly basis or whatever time frame the author is using.  Reminds me of the old serials before the Saturday matinee feature.  Frustrating at times when left on a cliff.  You can look at the whole list of author's stories and get an idea if they will finish or not.  Most authors write notes at start and end of each chapter, you get to know the author to some degree.

There is a link on TL site for another fanfic site - Twilighted.  I have visited a couple of times and leave rather quickly; I feel very uncomfortable just looking at their home page.  There are very explicit sex stories on that site.  You do have to register for over 18 years old to get access to those stories.

Have a great week!

13 August 2011

Information about The Hillywood Show

The Hillywood Show is the creation of two sisters, Hilly and Hannah Hindi, using one camera for their parodies and sketches.  They do most of the makeup and costumes along with script writing, directing and filming.  They have done parodies of all the Twilight movies, one or two Harry Potter ones, a Dark Knight, Runaways, and The Vampire Diaries.   They have over a dozen Hillywood Show episodes with characters like Jack Sparrow, Sweeny Todd, Edward Scissorhands and Beetlejuice.  There are several holiday themed parodies - Christmas and Hillyween.

Fan donations are greatly appreciated.  They have received funds from the Abby Weyr Support Starving Artists Foundation.  There are some DVD, T-Shirts that are sold as well.  And they are well worth the price.  They put on a great show.  Their actors closely resemble the movie and TV shows actors.  They are both dancers, so most all of the parodies are musicals with great group dances.  The Twilight movie parodies hit all the major points of the movies, so spend about 10 minutes watching the parodies is a good quick review.  

I had the pleasure of seeing them the first time at a Twilight CreationCon in Sacramento, September 2010.  That was the last time the full crew of five attended a con in our area, and close to last one ever.  The crew played Bella, Edward, Alice, Jasper and Jacob.  For the con, they would do little sketches as a way to introduce the next actor.  It was great!  To me that was the show and made it worth while to attend.  I had a chance to talk with them.  Sweetest young ladies ever.  Their mother helps at the table and is a really nice lady.  She looks more like an older sister than their mother and the sisters look like twins.  I saw them one more time at another Twilight CreationCon in our area, it was just the ladies, no more little intro sketches.  Sad.

So go over to the web site link page and click on The Hillywood Show and discover the fun for yourself.  Their most recent one is on Harry Potter, Deathly Hallows part 2.  Enjoy!

09 August 2011

Information about TL, TM and SM web sites

There may be some folks that may wander here and want some information about the web sites listed. This posting will cover Twilight Moms, Twilight Lexicon and Stephenie Meyer.

Twilight Moms is a web site for women over 21 and / or mothers that are interested in Twilight.  They are based in Utah.  There are forums to discuss various topics with other members – not all are Twilight related.  They have a ‘store’ with some really nice things.  Also some other web sites have small ads.  The main post area is for current news about the movies and the actors.  I personally find the forums to be a big black hole of time, so I visit rarely.  From the few times I’ve visited the postings are generally spell and grammar checked and intelligent written.  They accept donations for keeping the site up and running as the ‘store’ does not fully fund the operation.  Stephenie Meyer “It’s just so cool that I’m not the only 30+ mom and wife in love with fictional underage vampires and werewolves.”

Twilight Lexicon is the longest continual operation Twilight web site.  The two owners do not live in same state, one is in Tennessee, the other I’m not sure.  One of my poems is about them.  It is more an encyclopedia than a dictionary in my opinion but Twilight Lexicon sounds better and easier to spell.  They have a forum area as well, same thing applies as at Twilight Moms.  The book discussions are moderated more with specific questions asked.  Again there is area for non Twilight related items.  They have a link to Amazon.com for ordering items and they earn some money that way.  There are more ads on this site, but usually not interfere with main postings.  As at TM the main postings are news items about movies, books, actors and some informational posting by owners.  Stephenie Meyer “…the brightest star in the Twilight online universe…”

I have found both of these sites to be accurate and only post things legally.  They check sources and confirm source material.  They both are very good about notify if posted video content not for office/children and anything of a spoiler nature is clearly labeled and ‘hidden’, ie you have to click on something to get that info.  You can leave comments about the postings fairly easily on TL, not as easily on TM at least that has been my experience.  Both sites occasionally run contests with nice prizes.  They work with Creation Entertainment, Inc at times to giveaway passes to conventions.  Owners of both sites are recognized by Summit Studios and some major entertainment news sources and have been interviewed at various events about Twilight and the fan community. 

Last for this posting is Stephenie Meyer’s own web site.  Her brother, Seth, is the web master.  It has information on the books that she has written.  There are some outtakes from early Twilight books.  There is also the leaked Midnight Sun draft available with the story behind the leak.  I found Twilight Moms and Twilight Lexicon from this site.  There is not a way to contact her through this web site.  Contact info is for reporting problems with the site.  

05 August 2011

No Poem This Week

I’m a bit disappointed and discouraged is why I’ve not posted for a longer time than usual.  There has been just one comment.  Stats are available to tell me how many people visit, but I don’t know if anyone reads anything without comments.  Even my family and friends for the most part have not supported me in this endeavor.  I started this as a place to get my writings out there regardless if anyone read or not.  Now I’m not so sure about that, or at least not regular twice a week postings.

I now better understand the fan fiction author requests for reviews.  I don’t go along with the idea and threat of withholding updates to stories until get certain number of reviews.  With a story I think the author would get that out regardless – have the story inside you and it needs to get out.  That is how it was for me anyway with the poems.  Maybe not polish, maybe not publish….  As with most things in life, one’s opinion of things can change once you are actually in the other person’s position.   

I still have two sets of poems to post and will work on doing that next week.  There are three different fun things to do this weekend.  Laundry and grocery shopping done today and then play time. Hope you have a great weekend too.