05 August 2011

No Poem This Week

I’m a bit disappointed and discouraged is why I’ve not posted for a longer time than usual.  There has been just one comment.  Stats are available to tell me how many people visit, but I don’t know if anyone reads anything without comments.  Even my family and friends for the most part have not supported me in this endeavor.  I started this as a place to get my writings out there regardless if anyone read or not.  Now I’m not so sure about that, or at least not regular twice a week postings.

I now better understand the fan fiction author requests for reviews.  I don’t go along with the idea and threat of withholding updates to stories until get certain number of reviews.  With a story I think the author would get that out regardless – have the story inside you and it needs to get out.  That is how it was for me anyway with the poems.  Maybe not polish, maybe not publish….  As with most things in life, one’s opinion of things can change once you are actually in the other person’s position.   

I still have two sets of poems to post and will work on doing that next week.  There are three different fun things to do this weekend.  Laundry and grocery shopping done today and then play time. Hope you have a great weekend too.

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