20 August 2011

Poem: Bella and Edward

Bella and Edward
By abbyweyr June 2011
Based on TWS by Stephenie Meyer

She arrived mid school year.
Their eyes met across a crowded cafeteria.
He was sitting with siblings,
She was sitting with classmates.

She asked about the group of five
Sitting separate from rest.
She noticed things no one else saw
But was not put off by the differences.

She blushed being caught staring.
He frowned not able to ‘hear’ her.
He could ‘hear’ unkind thoughts from classmates.
Strangely he wanted to protect her from them.

The only empty seat in the biology class
Was to share a lab table with him.
She walked by a fan that blew her scent
Straight to a suddenly very thirsty vampire.

Her scent was the most delicious
He had ever come across in nearly 90 years.
He had not had human blood for 75 years;
He was tempted to break his animal blood diet.

He resisted the siren call of her blood
Keeping Carlisle’s face in mind.
He protected her and classmates.
It was a tortuous hour for him.

She noticed his strange black eyes,
Wondered if he was breathing.
He looked so angry at her
Did not say one word to her.

He ran too quickly from that room.
Then in office trying to get out of that class
Ran into her again and tempted
Even more with only one other there.

He ran out again too quickly for human.
She was confused and hurt by his actions;
Could not understand why angry or hate her
When never met, never spoke.

He did not go home that day,
Went to Alaska to collect himself.
How could an insignificant human girl
Chase him away from his family?

Her siren blood was not worth
Disruption to his family.
He could face her and overcome
The call of her siren blood.

He returned to classes.
He spoke to her in biology.
Their fingers touched
Electricity felt by both.

Next morning he literally protected
Her from being crushed by skidding van
Using his vampire speed and strength.
She noticed and could not be dissuaded.

That moment of holding her was not enough.
He wanted more and not just her blood anymore.
He asked her to lie about how he saved her
And promised an explanation.

At the hospital explanation was denied.
They parted in anger.
She tried to speak to him the next day;
And was still denied.

For six weeks only talk about the lab at hand.
Then girl’s choice dance was coming up.
She had three boys that wanted to go with her.
He realized he was jealous of those boys.

She refused all offers to go to dance;
Too clumsy to dance, made other plans
For that weekend of dance;
Drive her old truck to Seattle.

Went with some friends to First Beach.
Ran into old family friend that fixed and
Sold the old truck to her father.
He told her scary tribal stories.

Went with two girl friends to find dresses
And find a book of Indian legends.
She got lost and was found by the
Wrong kind of human monster.

He was there to save her again;
Took her to dinner and then home
But not before questions were answered.
She knew what he was.

She was still in car alone with him.
This was good and this was bad.
There was something not right.
She had no sense of self preservation.

A human could not know about them.
How can he have a relationship with her?
They are so different, he could hurt her
So easily just not being careful enough.

He picks her up for school,
They talk, questions back and forth.
Arrange a trip on Saturday to Seattle;
Until Alice forewarns it will be sunny.

His throat is on fire around her
From the siren call of her blood.
His spirit aches to know her soul,
Above all he needs to keep her safe.

They go to his favorite quiet place.
Hiking at human pace to the meadow.
She sees his sparkly skin,
Strength and speed of predator.

They learn more about each other,
Thoughts and feelings are shared.
She sees his human side as well.
They share a kiss that seals their love.
The Cullen vampire family is now
Three mated vampire couples and
One single vampire with his still human mate.
Bound by love freely given.

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