09 August 2011

Information about TL, TM and SM web sites

There may be some folks that may wander here and want some information about the web sites listed. This posting will cover Twilight Moms, Twilight Lexicon and Stephenie Meyer.

Twilight Moms is a web site for women over 21 and / or mothers that are interested in Twilight.  They are based in Utah.  There are forums to discuss various topics with other members – not all are Twilight related.  They have a ‘store’ with some really nice things.  Also some other web sites have small ads.  The main post area is for current news about the movies and the actors.  I personally find the forums to be a big black hole of time, so I visit rarely.  From the few times I’ve visited the postings are generally spell and grammar checked and intelligent written.  They accept donations for keeping the site up and running as the ‘store’ does not fully fund the operation.  Stephenie Meyer “It’s just so cool that I’m not the only 30+ mom and wife in love with fictional underage vampires and werewolves.”

Twilight Lexicon is the longest continual operation Twilight web site.  The two owners do not live in same state, one is in Tennessee, the other I’m not sure.  One of my poems is about them.  It is more an encyclopedia than a dictionary in my opinion but Twilight Lexicon sounds better and easier to spell.  They have a forum area as well, same thing applies as at Twilight Moms.  The book discussions are moderated more with specific questions asked.  Again there is area for non Twilight related items.  They have a link to Amazon.com for ordering items and they earn some money that way.  There are more ads on this site, but usually not interfere with main postings.  As at TM the main postings are news items about movies, books, actors and some informational posting by owners.  Stephenie Meyer “…the brightest star in the Twilight online universe…”

I have found both of these sites to be accurate and only post things legally.  They check sources and confirm source material.  They both are very good about notify if posted video content not for office/children and anything of a spoiler nature is clearly labeled and ‘hidden’, ie you have to click on something to get that info.  You can leave comments about the postings fairly easily on TL, not as easily on TM at least that has been my experience.  Both sites occasionally run contests with nice prizes.  They work with Creation Entertainment, Inc at times to giveaway passes to conventions.  Owners of both sites are recognized by Summit Studios and some major entertainment news sources and have been interviewed at various events about Twilight and the fan community. 

Last for this posting is Stephenie Meyer’s own web site.  Her brother, Seth, is the web master.  It has information on the books that she has written.  There are some outtakes from early Twilight books.  There is also the leaked Midnight Sun draft available with the story behind the leak.  I found Twilight Moms and Twilight Lexicon from this site.  There is not a way to contact her through this web site.  Contact info is for reporting problems with the site.  

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