28 April 2012

Story Recommendation: Finding Fred

http://www.fanfiction.net/s/6389768/1/Finding_Fred by Willowby

This story ties in with the novella The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner by Stephenie Meyer. Fred was one of the characters that helped Bree and left before the battle. Edward decides to go find him. The story is almost complete. The characters are a little out of true canon characterization in my opinion. There are some really good honest open conversations between Edward and Bella that should have taken place. There are a couple of rather very embarrassing long moments for Bella.  The one in chapter 14 had me laughing way too much. There are some additional characters that come into play in the latter half of the story that are interesting. There is humor, mystery, drama, and romance in this story. Hope you enjoy it too. Reviews and comments are much appreciated.

24 April 2012

Story Recommendations of Bella Growing Old

Bella Grows Old

In canon TWS Bella is transformed to vampire right before her 19th birthday.  Some fan fiction authors have had her stay human until middle or old age. Two of the four stories I am recommending also deal with dementia.  All four are one chapter and completed. Other stories by LJ Summers are well written, some a bit too far away from canon for my taste and haven’t read, some too sad.  Other stories by Eh Bien have been enjoyable, most are on the short side with little drama, just nice quiet pieces that are well written. The other two authors I’ve read just the one story. I’ve chosen these to highlight because they are completed and one chapter and I don't read many with Bella getting older.  Comments are appreciated by the author of these stories as well as by me.  

by LJ Summers

A winner in the Sort of Beautiful Challenge, this is a story about unconditional love and the value of memory. Jacob and Bella have been married for about forty years when the Cullens want to visit for what is possibly the last time. One-shot.  Rated K+ 

by Eh Bien
"Of course, if you outgrew me - if you wanted something more - I would understand that, Bella." Bella had once thought that was an impossibility. AU, Canon. A sort of spinoff from a not-yet-published story.  Rated K+

by missbluejuju

On the evening of Bella’s 85th birthday, Edward reflects on the recent past and its trials, Alice helps out with the future, and Bella finally realizes her last human milestone. E/B, AU, Character Death.  Rated T

by ContentedTwiCow

Edward and Bella 70 years after they met. Bella has never been changed. Death bed scene. POV Bella's guardian angel from Midnight Sun. Vampire creation history too. Rated T

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