27 September 2011

Two Announcemens

A new web site has been added to the list – Comfort of Chaos.  It is a blog by the lady that got me started on posting fan fiction, Kayla Griffith.  She has one novel that she working on getting published and apparently starting on another.  One of her posts deals with the options in the publishing field.  She is the administrator on Ramblings and Thoughts, Twilight Fan Fiction and Art.  She writes fan fiction, under name of Openhome, currently working on finishing a trilogy about Alice and Jasper.  You can check out her ff profile on R&T and FFn and info on her blog also.  She is a wife, mom, Boy Scout leader, teacher, writer, and likely a few other things too, very busy lady.  I am looking forward to reading her publishing adventure and whatever else she writes about on her blog.

Abby Weyr has a Facebook page.  That will be used to announce new postings on this blog.  Also used to keep up with entertainment news on movies, TV shows, etc.  Spreading my wings out to other places.

06 September 2011

New web site links added

One of the authors that I read sent me info on a TWS canon contest.  Thank you Ginnie.

http://www.fanfiction.net/u/3041014   is the FFn profile for the stories.  There are 28 stories for the Pre-Twilight round.  You have about 2 weeks to read and vote for each round.  The stories that I've read so far have been well done and enjoyable read.  One I don't get.  Maybe my brain is still a little fried from the weekend at Pleasanton Highland Games.

http://thecanontour.tumblr.com/  is the web site for the contest.

Please, go read and vote and support TWS canon stories.