19 June 2016

Early Twilight Memories

Today is Father’s Day 2016. I should be writing about my father, but I’m not. The Facebook memory that was suggested this morning was a picture of the Gilbert Arizona Temple. That was my first stop on trip to visit nieces and nephew and to attend a Twilight event that year, 2014. Thinking about my father and brother is kind of sad and today I want happier thoughts and that trip was a good trip. It was a good trip for the visits and the event. So that is why I’m writing about Twilight memories today.

I remember the Relief Society meeting with some women talking about the Twilight Saga (TWS). I asked to borrow the first book from one of them and was hooked. That was January 2010. Read all the books, went to a marathon when the third movie came out in June 2010 with a group that I didn’t fit in with. Discovered fan fiction, read a lot and even wrote some poems and posted them.

Then three or so years after first reading the books I read on Twilight Lexicon that there was an event planned for September to celebrate Stephenie Meyer and TWS in Forks Washington. I’d been forced into retirement from my career and nothing else was working for me and really shouldn’t have spent money, but I did.

2013 was the year that the Stephenie Meyer Day (SMD) folks worked with Forever in Forks (FiF) folks and put on joint event. The Forks chamber of commerce also had a few things planned. Most of the events were planned and executed by Staci Chastain & Olympic Coven group and Sharon Lottes Forever in Forks group.

I went. I took pictures, ie I observed. I helped out a little. I met people. I had some longer conversations with a few people. I had a good time. Forever in Forks announced their next event would be June 2014 in Phoenix to celebrate Edward’s birthday. I was impressed that they could do that in nine months.

I have two nieces and a nephew that live in the great Phoenix area. I had some family inheritance things to pass along to them, so decided if the ticket price for FiF was reasonable I could go. The price was reasonable so I drove down to Phoenix area for the visits and event. The FiF event was small. Bad for FiF, good for me. Better chance to meet and talk with people. It worked. Remembered some people from SMD event. Talked with some people. Especially nice was the opportunity to talk with two of the Olympic Coven cosplayers – Travis Shoaf as Emmett and Alan Mitchell as Edward – and the music duo Imperial Mammoth.

I’ve been back to SMD, now called Forever Twilight in Forks and taken over by the Forks chamber of commerce, in 2014 and 2015. Found out about Gatlinburg Tennessee events and attended one in 2015 and 2016. Was invited to a birthday party celebration in St Helens Oregon in April 2015 and was able to attend that. Because of these events I have met some great people that have become friends and a few women that have become great friends. We’ve had some great times laughing and talking and sharing life. Made great memories and I look forward to making some more memories.

Favorite TWS quote: "I think sometimes..." I began. "Life has a way of blessing you when you least expect it. Sometimes, just when you think all is lost, more good comes your way than you ever thought possible." Bella to Edward in ch 14 of What Drives Her by Virginia May

This quote sums up what Twilight has been for me. I was at a low point and reading Twilight and Twilight fan fiction stories was a beacon in the dark to lead me to blessings. Blessings of trips I've taken. Blessings of friends made on those trips. Blessings of fan fiction stories I've read. Blessings of FF authors I've chatted with and become friends with - adopted into one family even.

Hope everyone had a good Father's Day. 
Take care.