28 June 2012

Story Recommendation: Soul Regret

This is not the story I planned on presenting today.  I just came across this yesterday. It is a sad tale, which I generally try to avoid. This may express how any single person may feel at times. I do not believe there is only one soul mate that is meant for each of us. I believe there are different possibilities for each of us, which one we meet depends on what path each chooses. I believe we will only meet one of the possible soul mates at a time - to prevent confusion and conflict. There is no guarantee that we will meet our soul mate. I believe we can be happy meeting, loving and marrying someone who is not a soul mate or be happy and live a fulfilling life never being married. I believe in an afterlife and all things will be taken care of during our mortal life or in the eternities. The story holds for Bella and Edward and other romantic literature couples, but in real life we have more options than just one. Think about what Alice does in Openhome's Singularity.

Soul Regret by Smittenwhenbitten
If Edward had known Bella would turn his quiet life upside down and inside out as she did, what would have happened to Bella if no one could convince him to stay around and they never met? Would her soul still yearn for mate?
Rated K, one chapter, complete


The author has written two other Twilight stories around Charlie. Both are good. This one just struck me and I had something to say about it. 

26 June 2012

Author: Virginia May

Virginia (Ginnie) May is one of my favorite fan fiction authors. She has stories posted on both Ramblings and Thoughts/Twilight Fanfiction and Art and on Fanfiction.net - links to her profile pages are at the end of this post. The profile page gives summaries for all of her stories posted on that site. There are more stories posted on FFn than on R&T. So far all the stories are TWS related. Her Twilight characters are mostly canon within her alternate universe, be it vampire/human or all human stories.

As I recall we started exchanging emails more or less regularly over the background of a story she has written - Need You Now. It is all her fault that I got started reading more and more alternate universe stories and I’m glad she did. Not sure exactly which story I read first. I have enjoyed all of them. There are some M rated ones for the sexual content; that are tastefully done, though I do skip over those parts really fast.

I discovered her What Drives Her story because of a banner that showed up on a mutual friend’s Facebook wall. I started reading What Drives Her and fell in love with the older and more mature Bella. My poem, Dream Can't I? is based on the beginning of What Drives Her. I think I have reread the posted parts of WDH more times than the original TWS books. Not quite as much material as in the original books helps make it easier to read multiple times.

WDH has one of the best departure points from the canon story – Edward leaves the day before Mike asks Bella to the girl’s choice dance. One of my favorite things with this particular story, is how she weaves in lines from the original books, but in different situations. Bella has one of the best uplifting quotes in this story. [favorite quotes at bottom] The story is almost completed. I really want to know how she gets them to the end, but it will be kind of sad to see the story end, too. Great stories leave you conflicted like that.

Another work in progress is Arms. This is an all human story where Bella goes into Witness Protection and runs into Edward literally. I had a complaint about this one from the first chapter. I stuck with it and like the story. The way the story went, my complaint didn’t matter that much. It made things a little more difficult but not a big deal. It won’t be a favorite of mine, but it is well written and I care about the characters. I am looking forward to see how the story ends. The opening scene has a violence warning as it is the aftermath of a gun shooting, but Bella’s recollection later in the story is more graphic in detail, in my opinion. There are some sexual content scenes. One starts off kind of funny with nearly breaking a coffee table. A nod to a Breaking Dawn honeymoon scene perhaps?

Ginnie has two other stories that are in progress – A Broken Hallelujah and An Immortal Wish. Both of these are awesome stories. ABH is further along and there are so many lines that smack me upside the head saying – this is a truth, pay attention it applies to you – that sort of smack. ABH has short chapters and she was updating for awhile nearly every other day. Unfortunately real life is currently delaying updates.   

An Immortal Wish has a spiritual aspect to it. The Prologue and first chapter sent shivers all over and had me in tears from the spiritual power I felt. This will be a story to savor slowly. She is having some difficulty with a particular chapter and again unfortunately real life interferes with this work in progress being updated.   

She has another all human story and two twists to Twilight scenes posted on FFn. I won’t go into details on those at this time. There is one story started that is about a new character that comes across the Cullens and is connected to one of them. It has a very intriguing start and I hope she gets back to that story at some point in time.

There was indication in a Facebook posting that she is working on polishing an original fiction that started as part of the National Novel Writing Month contest, NaNoWriMo. More information about that contest can be found at NaNoWritMo.org.

I look forward to that original work and any other fan fiction she writes. Based on past stories any future ones will be well written and well proofread and very enjoyable reads. May she be blessed with whatever she needs in overcoming the real life situation.

Favorite Quotes

Bella to Edward "Life has a way of blessing you when you least expect it. Sometimes, just when you think all is lost, more good comes your way than you ever thought possible."

Virginia May, chapter 14, What Drives Her

Edward to Bella  "I'm happy because I've made peace with the things I can't control, and taken control of the things I can." 

VirginiaMay, chapter 6, A Broken Hallelujah

Edward to Bella  “…I was sick. I was suffering from a disease that I had no desire to cure or recover from. I still struggle with it, but at the time, I didn't even want to try. I didn't want to get better…”

 Virginia May chapter 9, A Broken Hallelujah

Edward to Bella  “If I was ever good at anything, it was acting like I was somebody other than who I truly was…”

Virginia May, chapter 28, A Broken Hallelujah


20 June 2012

Story Recommendation: EC's b-day and Summer

Two stories today - one for Edward Cullen's birthday and one for summer solstice. Both stories are a little sweet and fluffy. Hope you enjoy.
Handmade by aliceinwonderland101
Bella wants to give Edward a hand made birthday gift. One chapter, PG13

Sunkissed by Ren
Only Bella, of all people, would manage to get a sunburn in Forks, leaving Edward to fumble with her fragile condition and sooth the burns as only a vampire can. One chapter, PG13

19 June 2012

Author: Edgar Rice Burroughs, Jules Verne, HG Wells

Classic science fiction authors. More info can be found by your search engine of choice. This posting is dedicated to a friend that has encouraged me in writing and 'publishing' my poems and starting up this blog. We were talking about the John Carter of Mars movie and he was not familiar with ERB writing science fiction...so I said next published author post would be about ERB. AM, thanks for all your help and encouragement, here is info as promised, took awhile I know.

I've read some books by all three authors, don't remember exactly which ones. I don't remember much of anything about the books, but one and that is not about the book.

Pretty sure I started reading ERB along with Andre Norton when I was 8 or 9 years old. Read some Tarzan books that I don't really remember. I do remember reading the John Carter of Mars books. Most likely initially borrowed from my brother's room. I read the Venus series in college. He has written other science fiction novels and a variety of books in different genres. These two series are just straight out for fun as I think most of his fiction is.  They are pulp fiction adventure stories plain and simple. The movie, John Carter of Mars, was recently released and based mainly on the first book of Mars books - Princess of Mars. I enjoyed the movie.

I've read some Jules Verne novels at various points in time, but not recent enough to remember. I remember the Disney movie 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea more than I remember the book. He is considered one of the fathers of science fiction. A number of his books have been made into films - Journey to Center of Earth, is the other major one I can think of.

My father had a major heart attack the day I was home sick from work reading HG Wells' War of Worlds. That is what I remember of that book. Guess I should read it again. Did not see the movie with Tom Cruise. I did see the Time Machine movie, the 1960 version, and read the book. Like ERB, Wells wrote novels and other things outside of science fiction genre. He is considered one of the fathers of science fiction. To finish the story of my father, with the help of a client at the place I worked at and an uncle I was able to fly home that night.  I met my brother flying in from another state at major hub and we arrived home together.  My father passed away later that day with all of us at his bedside.

17 June 2012

Story Recommendation Father's Day part 2

There are two story recommendations today. Hope all the fathers out there have a great day. AW

Here is a thoughtful moment between Carlisle and Edward.

Sola Fide by Mackenzie L
"When God gives a gift He does not take it back." A conversation in a deserted cathedral leads to a surprising revelation, and a defining moment between a son and his father figures.

Here is a little piece the night before Charlie picks up Bella from the airport.

Behold the Child by HelenahJay
Charlie, just before Twilight. Second chances.

13 June 2012

Story Recommendation Father's Day part 1

Happy Father's Day! There are three stories recommended today all one chapter long. Two are with Charlie with Bella and Edward separately and one with Edward and Nessie. Hope you enjoy.

Chatting with Charlie by silly bella
Charlie feels protective of Bella, and he's not thrilled with Edward at the end of New Moon. He also remembers being a teenager. It's time for Charlie to have a chat with Edward.

Like Father, Like Daughter by silly bella
How can Bella make Charlie understand why she welcomed Edward back?

Music Lessons by blondieakarobin

A missing moment from Breaking Dawn of father daughter bonding time.

a side note: My apology for the distraction of the way the middle story is displayed. I don't know why some text is being 'highligthed'. I've noticed it in earlier posts and will look into it. If anyone already knows why, please leave a comment.  update 24 June: found partial solution, fixing old ones, hope to figure out how to stop it from happening in future.