13 June 2012

Story Recommendation Father's Day part 1

Happy Father's Day! There are three stories recommended today all one chapter long. Two are with Charlie with Bella and Edward separately and one with Edward and Nessie. Hope you enjoy.

Chatting with Charlie by silly bella
Charlie feels protective of Bella, and he's not thrilled with Edward at the end of New Moon. He also remembers being a teenager. It's time for Charlie to have a chat with Edward.

Like Father, Like Daughter by silly bella
How can Bella make Charlie understand why she welcomed Edward back?

Music Lessons by blondieakarobin

A missing moment from Breaking Dawn of father daughter bonding time.

a side note: My apology for the distraction of the way the middle story is displayed. I don't know why some text is being 'highligthed'. I've noticed it in earlier posts and will look into it. If anyone already knows why, please leave a comment.  update 24 June: found partial solution, fixing old ones, hope to figure out how to stop it from happening in future.

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  1. I don't know why/how you highlighted the one sentence but I enjoyed the links to read. Thank you! I read them as I was resting up from shampooing my folks carpets! before I went to work!
    Thanks for sharing!