28 June 2012

Story Recommendation: Soul Regret

This is not the story I planned on presenting today.  I just came across this yesterday. It is a sad tale, which I generally try to avoid. This may express how any single person may feel at times. I do not believe there is only one soul mate that is meant for each of us. I believe there are different possibilities for each of us, which one we meet depends on what path each chooses. I believe we will only meet one of the possible soul mates at a time - to prevent confusion and conflict. There is no guarantee that we will meet our soul mate. I believe we can be happy meeting, loving and marrying someone who is not a soul mate or be happy and live a fulfilling life never being married. I believe in an afterlife and all things will be taken care of during our mortal life or in the eternities. The story holds for Bella and Edward and other romantic literature couples, but in real life we have more options than just one. Think about what Alice does in Openhome's Singularity.

Soul Regret by Smittenwhenbitten
If Edward had known Bella would turn his quiet life upside down and inside out as she did, what would have happened to Bella if no one could convince him to stay around and they never met? Would her soul still yearn for mate?
Rated K, one chapter, complete


The author has written two other Twilight stories around Charlie. Both are good. This one just struck me and I had something to say about it. 


  1. wow I am glad that Stephanie Myer didn't write Edward away permanently! we would not have the TW saga to day dream with.

    Thanks for sharing this though like you I do not like such melancholy reading.


  2. It was sad, especially the last sentence. It was well written though. Thanks for sharing it.

    1. One of the criticism I've heard is the soul mate obsession the vampires and the wolves have with their imprinting in the Twilight Saga. I've discussed this with a friend and when I read this story I had to share my thoughts about soul mates in real life vs the romantic literature couples. That is partly what this blog is for - sharing my thoughts about whatever grabs my fancy at the time. Thanks for the comments. Next story with get back to planned ones.