05 August 2015

Poem: Gone

Poem: Gone

Family all gone
Death got them

Friends all moved
Jobs or family got them

Here I am
No one close at hand

Family and friends
Gone or moved

New friends
Where to find them?

Old friends
Rich gold

New friends
Become silver

Tried there and
No one interested

Organizations part of
Military family

Interests possible
Social groups

To go alone
To new places

Cross the bridge
Old friends still there

Poem: Trees

Poem: Trees

Shift focus
Shifts perspective
See what we
need to see.

Hidden or
Protected by?

16 July 2015

Comments on the Twilight Storytellers films

After having a voice in whom the main character would be, the script, and the director, we finally have the films to view and vote on. There were six (6) scripts judged to proceed to director pitches. A director was chosen for each script to proceed and film. One wild card film was selected for the final group to put to public vote. There were a total of nine (9) films submitted to the panel for judging, we have seven (7) to view and vote on. Here is the link for Tongal to view and vote: https://tongal.com/twilight.  Voting started on Tuesday 14 July and runs for one (1) week.

Before getting to my comments on each one, I want to thank all who participated. It is apparent that much time and effort was put into each film. Best wishes to all.

In alphabetical order here are my comments on each of the seven (7) films.

Consumed, a Jane story
I don’t get the imagery while she is hurting others, especially when she is at the stake to be burned as a witch. Everything feels very canon. I hope they just used cool air to ‘kill’ the butterfly. Aro was creepy good when first introduced to the twins. His sudden disappearance and Jane’s side long look back was great. It was neat to see a member of the Olympic Coven in the crowd scene as twins were to burn. Such a sweet young lady yelling at the twins while at the stake added to the creepiness. The end was well done.

Groundskeeper, an Alice story
This was well done and creepy, but something felt off about it. My recollection is that James was alone when he came for Alice, however someone commented that Victoria was around as a distraction. I can’t find my Illustrated Guide to check on it one way or other. I liked the interaction between the groundskeeper and Alice, but the room was too big and too light from what I recall of description. The fight scene didn’t flow well for me. Maybe it was meant to be choppy. Maybe my recollection of the details makes this feel so off for me.

The Mary Alice Brandon File, an Alice story
The falling rain and falling pearls imagery was wonderful. Using the doctor’s notes in her file was nice. The doctor’s pipe smoke drifting over Alice as move to a memory was cool. All of the transitions to Alice’s memories were smooth and clear. The actress seems too tall for adult Alice, even if really only saw her laying down on the treatment table or curled in on herself. She did a good job of portraying Alice slowly loosing memory and trying to hold on as she has the repeated shock treatments. I liked her side glance at the end, mischievous childlike nature clearly there. The end credits done over the hospital window was neat.

Masque, an Esme story and wild card
Her struggle with newborn bloodlust was well done. Her entrance into the ball with the beating hearts and people with masques on was excellent. I do think Edward should have been there with her until met up with Carlisle. Esme was initially not going to attend so Carlisle had gone earlier. Esme’s flashbacks were a little hard to follow as flashbacks. Her strong mothering instinct was brought out along with bloodlust when the host’s daughter ran out and he followed her to ‘discipline’ her.

Sunrise, a Benjamin and Tia story
Great use of the sunrise in background imagery throughout the film. Loved the end credits presentation. Interesting to see them initially meet as orphaned children. The fire effects were good. Interesting at the end going from his eyes to her eyes as her choice is made and done.

Turncoats, a Garrett and Carlisle story
Great dry humor lines from all but the soldiers. Good looking actors for Carlisle and Garrett. Some interesting close up camera shots of the wounds and sewing it up after removing the musket balls. Nice use of period language from the nurse.

We’ve Met Before, an Alice and Jasper story
Big hair problems – Alice’s was too long and Jasper’s too short. The music did not fit in my opinion. I’m pretty sure canon says that they did not stay in the diner. The overall feel was off for me on this one. 

15 July 2015

About Poems - Weight Of, Alone, and So Tired - and other things.

A couple of weeks ago I had a meeting after Sacrament with one of my Visiting Teachers and another sister she visit teaches. Early in conversation I was asked why I didn’t attend Relief Society, our first meeting on Sundays. I tried to open up and explain the struggle to convince myself to get up and come. The response I heard (please note not what was said, but what I heard) was don’t need friends, be a loner like me. I got up and left, I may have said something along lines of ‘too long’ as leaving. I was hurting and I was frustrated that my struggle apparently was not heard, not even really listened to. I had previously told this sister that I was chronically depressed and that conversation was quickly ended and only contact was brief at church. I didn’t hear from either sister until the next Sunday. These three poems came out from that incident. These are similar to ones I wrote in August and September of 2011 after similar event of overwhelming feelings of being rejected or ignored. 

Be advised that I am chronically depressed and I am not going to hide that on this blog any longer, starting with sharing these poems and their personal nature. I was on anti-depressants for years and actually feel better generally now that I stopped taking them. There are times when events really get me down, this event being one of them. The negative thoughts are always there, sometimes easier to counteract than other times. Going to church is especially hard, being alone in a crowd where there are people I would like to know better.

I know church is not a social venue, but where we go to learn and uplift each other. I’m ‘wrapped up so well to protect myself’ from the ‘alone in crowd’ feelings I don’t really feel much of anything at church. Praying or not praying doesn’t matter I still hurt. Reading scriptures or not reading doesn’t matter I still hurt. Attending all my meetings and doing all the other service things or not doesn’t matter I still hurt. What little faith and hope I have apparently is not enough. I wonder how I keep going at times. 

Poem: So Tired

So tired.
Been alone
So long
Too long.
No one to share
Joy or sorrow with.
Tired of trying
Tired of reaching out
To be ignored or rejected.
No one to share
Simple things with
Or talk with
To just hang out.
No one to know
If made it down stairs
Or out to mailbox
Or not,
On a daily basis.
There are those who are there
For big trips and complicated things
via email and Facebook
rarely in person though.
But not the daily little things.
Alone but not a loner,
Never wanted to be,
Not all the time anyway.
Yet here I am alone
Even in a crowd.

14 July 2015

Poem: Alone

Not the way I want to be
I tried to reach out
But only rejection
Or ignored
Can’t take anymore
So stopped trying 
Is what I am.

11 July 2015

Poem: Weight of

The weight of loneliness
Keeps me in place.

The weight of repeated rejection
Holds my tongue.

The weight of oppression
Nearly suffocates me.

All together they muffle my ears.
All together they blur my vision.
All together they slow my thoughts.

I hear no words of true friendship.
I feel no touch of true support.
Only occasional words and
Rare touches come through.

I prayed.
I read scriptures.
I was active in church.
I have faith in Jesus as my savior.

Why am I still weighed down?
Why do I still feel all this pain?

24 May 2015

Poem: Protect and Heal

Abby Weyr
24 May 2015
Inspired by ch 58 of Broken Hallelujah by Virginia May

Family and friends
Words said and deeds done
Cause hurt and pain
Walk away and leave
Protect wound
Protect self
Right thing to do,
Isn’t it?

Doesn’t it?

New kind of hurt
Over time lost
Cleansing and healing
Tears shed
Move forward
Together again

Not sure about the title.

Poem: Consequences

21 May 2015
By Abby Weyr
Inspired by fan fic Fear by Virginia May

Do this, this, and this or
Do that, that, and that or
Do this and that?
After analyze and plan
We think we know what will happen.
But do we?
Full consequences not revealed
Until decision made and acted on.
And then some consequences are
Immediate and some are
For the future to reveal.
Arrogant to think we know ahead.

Poem: Circles

Abby Weyr
24 May 2015

Surrounded by circles
Never touching
Never overlap
Different sizes
Different colors
Me alone in center
No one leaves their circle
Wish someone would
Join me and travel 
To more than just their circle.

This is how I am feeling this weekend attending BayCon.

13 March 2015

Ordaining Women

Lately I’ve been thinking that I must have lived something of a privileged life. There are two major controversies going on about women and I have not experienced any of what so many are saying is happening. The first issue is a secular one - the pay that I’ve gotten has been the same as men in the same position and same time in service. The jobs were just that way. That is not the topic of this post.

The other issue is church related as you can tell from the title. There seems to be a rising wave of women and men in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, LDS, that think that women should be ordained into the priesthood. The main complaint seems to be that the women are not being treated equally nor are they being listened to because they do not have the priesthood. They seem to think that being ordained will solve those issues.

Wake up folks. Being ordained will not make any difference to the men who hold the priesthood in listening to women or in treating them equally. Women changing their ordination status will not change the men’s behavior. The only thing that will change the men’s behavior and attitude is educating them and the upcoming generation to the role of women in Our Heavenly Father’s plan as equals to men. The priesthood leaders do need to be told how things are perceived and felt by some women. Their eyes need to be opened to a different point of view. I do not believe that Church leaders have overlooked some aspects on purpose to keep women in a lesser position. I do believe that they just didn’t think about some things and continued doing them the same as always. I never noticed that women didn’t offer prayers during General Conference until it was pointed out to me. I figure that the general authorities for whom English is second language felt the same way about English only prayers during General Conference.

When local priesthood leaders are not listening to the women leaders, then those men need to have their eyes and ears opened. Pray for their eyes to be opened and their ears to hear. Tell them that you think and feel you are being ignored. If that doesn’t work, then there is a chain of command to work through complaints. Work that chain of command. Each and every woman that is not listened to needs to work that chain of command to bring attention to that chain of command that there is an issue with one or more men. Work it up as far as you have to. Pray at each step. Yes, it will take time and effort. Eventually you will be heard and changes will be made – hopefully both by your prayers and the mundane administrative process – to have a change of attitude in the current leaders or to have a new leader with a more open mind.

The LDS church is a bureaucracy. It takes time for things to work through the system. It takes time for things to change. Deal with it. Work the system. Flood the system with complaints. Don’t try to openly disrupt it. That only makes some dig in the heels that much more. Priesthood holders are men for the most part trying their best to do God’s work here on earth. Some are going to have ancient thoughts and behaviours. Some are going to be more open. It may be partly local culture. It may be partly old fashion ideas still running around. It may be old wives tales that are still mistakenly believed.

I personally think that women have all the priesthood power and authority they need to do their work here on earth without being ordained. There are ordinances that require that ordained priesthood power. There are some that don’t, especially in a time of need. Think about the fact that men have to be ordained to enter the temple and women do not. Does that show that women are less?

There are separate but equal jobs that men and women have on earth. At times it may feel like women are considered less than men, but is that really true? Or is it that the men are being protective of women?  Some women may think that they don’t want or need protection. Well, deal with it. I think men are pretty much hard wired to act that way toward women in general and especially family. (Something that the Twilight Saga got right with how protective Edward was of Bella.) Women are equally protective of family and the more vulnerable in general and I think pretty much hard wired that way too. The image that comes to my mind is the father/husband outside the home protecting all within and the mother/wife ready to protect all within if needed. Equal but different roles.

So maybe women don’t need protection so much anymore. Women and men generally have equal opportunities in our modern world. Women and men are more equal now than in the past. Perhaps the men have not yet realized just how equal. Women need to learn and understand that men do not see things the same way as women, sometimes they don’t see at all. They do not think the same way as women, sometimes they don’t think. Patience and education is needed for men and women. Men are not mind readers and Heavenly Father isn’t going to tell them because women are very able to speak their own mind and heart.

I personally think there are still good reasons to have times and meetings with just your own gender. Husbands and wives will share what happens in the Relief Society and Priesthood meetings. Home teachers will share with the single sisters. All of the sessions from General Conference are published for all to read.

As stated at the beginning, I have not seen any of this first hand. The women leaders I’ve talked with have not experienced this with one exception. The exception was in dealing with a deaf brother in the ward some 30+ years ago with an older bishop and a sister that was doing the translation. Otherwise the priesthood leaders have asked for and gotten and accepted input from the women leaders in the wards that I’ve been in. There has been a wide range of ages in the priesthood leaders in the various wards that I’ve been in. That should not be taken to mean that I think that it is not happening.

I do not believe women need to be ordained to the priesthood to be heard. They do need priesthood leaders that are open and listen. Women do need to speak up and if a priesthood leader is ignoring them, then work the system. And everyone needs to pray.

My thanks to Nan, Christine, and Tiffany for our conversations that added to this post. 

12 February 2015

Name Change from SMD to FTF

It was recently announced that the name of the September festival in Forks Washington would be changed to Forever Twilight in Forks from Stephenie Meyer Day. I was and remain somewhat ambivalent about the change. I am writing this as a way to clarify my thoughts on this change.

2015 is the 9th year for the celebration of Twilight and the author, Stephenie Meyer, and the 10th anniversary of the publication of Twilight. This name change is an added controversy surrounding the celebration this year. Does this mean there will be a shift in the focus of the festival?Will we forget who wrote the story that made Forks a spot for fans to visit?

It has been Stephenie Meyer Day for 8 years. In those years, the remaining three (3) books of the Twilight Saga plus other related books have been published and five (5) movies based on the books have been made. Ms Meyer has also published the start of another series of books and started a film production company with one film released, Austenland from Fickle Fish Company.

In interviews that I’ve seen Ms Meyer appears composed but a little uncomfortable with all the attention from her stories. Several people that have had the pleasure of meeting her in person have used humble as an adjective for her. She was apparently not thrilled with the celebration being named for her from the beginning. It is even more understandable with the other series coming out and her production company.

There is tradition to keeping the name the same. People know it as Stephenie Meyer Day. I like tradition. But it can hold you back. Marketing and publicity will need to be done to get the new name out there and recognized by people use to Stephenie Meyer Day.

The new name does focus on her first series of books that take place in Forks. The Host series takes place in Arizona, so maybe this is a good change. But we also want to celebrate the author.

The date around Bella’s birthday was chosen for the celebration in Forks since Ms Meyer was born 24 Dec -- not the best time to visit Forks and not best time to have people leave home and family to come visit and celebrate a book and film series. Maybe with the name change there can be some leeway in the date. Maybe another city could host a celebration of Twilight over a weekend close to Bella’s birthday. Next year 13 Sep will be a Tuesday. One place could have a celebration the weekend before and another place the weekend after. This could be a nice happening. See my previous post on 22 January about dream 10th Anniversary celebration. Maybe happen next year? Dream on AW.

So maybe this new name of Forever Twilight in Forks is a good thing. I don’t like but have gotten use to the federal government combining President Lincoln’s and President Washington’s birthday holidays into one holiday. I figure I’ll eventually get use to the new name and people will forget it was ever anything else.

Links for Olympic Coven

Olympic Coven:

Alice Cullen:
Vee Elle as Alice Cullen

This is a link to a video diary from Vee Elle as Alice Cullen, episode 1

episode 2: 

Bella Swan:
Christilynn as Bella

Bella’s Closet

Bree Tanner:
Jacqueline as Bree

Carlisle Cullen:
Cay Percifield as Carlisle Cullen

Edward Cullen:
Alan as Edward

Emmett Cullen:
Travis as Emmett

Esme Cullen:
Tori Giles as Esme Cullen

Renesmee Cullen:
Samantha as Nessie

Rosalie Cullen:
Brynna as Rosalie

Doppelganger Cosplay

Updated 16 Feb with episode 2 of Alice diary to Bella

Links for Forever Twilight in Forks and Olympic Coven

The organizers of Forever Twilight in Forks have made arrangements for five (5) members of the Olympic Coven to appear at Forever Twilight in Forks (formerly known as Stephenie Meyer Day). There are fan started fundraising efforts to have three (3) other members and possibly an additional two (2) to attend as well. The five currently scheduled are Edward, Bella, Emmett, Rosalie, and Alice. Next three wanted are Carlise, Esme, and Victoria. The additional two are Nessie and Jacob. The actor portraying Jasper has separated from the OC.

This first link is to an Indiegogo campaign to get the next three to Forks :

This link is for a Teespring campaign, OC crest on front with Forks 2015 on the back :

Added 16 Feb: Win a dance with a Cullen details at 

This link is for the Stephenie Meyer Day/ OC designs on Redbubble – Tshirts, prints, cards, etc :

This is the link for the Facebook page for information on SMD/OC :

This is a link to the Facebook page for the Forks Chamber of Commerce open page on Forever Twilight in Forks :

The specific page with the schedule first released in February

The links for the web page of Forks Chamber of Commerce Forever Twilight in Forks schedule

and general announcement :

Other links
Twitter: forever_forks
Pinterest: forever_forks
Instagram: forevertwilightinforks
Tumblr: forevertwilightinforks.tumblr.com

Updated 16 Feb with Win a dance with a Cullen

02 February 2015

Poem: Charlie and Sue

Part of the Twilight Saga Couples Series

Charlie and Sue

Second Time Around
By Abby Weyr February 2015

Sue lost her husband
When both children became
Shape shifters.

Charlie helped her with arrangements,
Fixing things around the home
And unknowingly with two
Teenage shape shifters.

He gained a full time teenage daughter
For 20 months until she married so young.
Then he found out about the
Surrounding supernatural beings.

She helped him adjust to this
New knowledge.
She explained tribal history
The treaty with the Cold Ones.

They knew each other since childhood
First loves were with others
Now together they can be
Wolf Mom and Vampire Dad.

Love the second time around
Freely given binding together
Wolves and vampires as
Part of one extended family.

27 January 2015

Review and Report of Gatlinburg TN trip for Cullens' Winter Escape

There was a Twilight related event in Gatlinburg Tennessee advertised for 16 to 18 January 2015, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday – Cullens’ Winter Escape with a Christmas theme. The Olympic Coven was attending – the Cullens at least. Katie Quinn Thornton, who plays Victoria, came as an attendee, but was included in the OC group upon her arrival. It was good to see her. It was advertised as the last appearance for Josh Goff as Jasper Cullen. With the cancellation of the Olympic Coven in St Helens event, it was possibly the last event appearance of the Olympic Coven as well. I was able to attend through the generosity of a friend, Ronan.

The event was actually only half day Friday and full day Saturday instead of three days as advertised. If one read through the schedule one might have noticed no activities planned for Sunday and only half for Friday, but one might have thought that the schedule was still being finalized and Sunday would be announced. An extra night of motel room was booked. The price of the event was a bit much for half the time advertised. The extra time was well spent, but would have preferred to have saved the money.

The event motel was Brookside Resort, www.brooksideresort.com. All the rooms have a balcony and one can see and hear the brook. There is a fireplace in the rooms and the bathtub has spa jets – be prepared to have a very wet floor if use the spa feature. There is also a small kitchenette with microwave in the rooms. The event room was wonderfully decorated for Christmas. The food served in the event room was good and the service there excellent. There was a free breakfast available – three types of cereal, oatmeal with toppings, biscuits and gravy, bagels, Danish, English muffins, with jelly & cream cheese available and orange juice & milk to drink. I ate dry cereal until bought some yogurt from market across the street. The biscuits were really good. I should have gotten some cheese to have with them. 

Gatlinburg has a trolley system with about five routes – not all routes run year round. There is a stop in front of the resort. While we were there the Blue route that the resort is on ran about every 40 minutes. Some of the other routes have a shorter time. What the run time is during the summer, I do not know. Downtown Gatlinburg is a mini Vegas or Reno without the gambling, as is the main road through Pigeon Forge. Bright lights, this and that show, this and that exhibit, this and that souvenir shop. Thank goodness the surrounding area was pretty. The bare trees have their own beauty. No snow while we were there.

The welcome packets did not get to us and the TShirts were not delivered in time. The activities the group planned came off well. Rather than a gift exchange, if one wanted to participate you could bring a stocking and stuffers for everyone else. It turned out 55 people participated. The stockings were overflowing and there was not really room between the stockings to make sure the overflow did not get mixed up with neighbors. I heard reports that not everyone got total of 54 items. That may have been deliberate on the part of the givers or security was needed to insure items stayed in the stockings/overflow.

For Thursday arrivals there was a gathering at TGIF for dinner. The two waiters did a magnificent job of handling the impromptu large crowd. I arrived a little late with Kim Cruz, Christilynn Swan, and Vee Cullen. Vee’s flight had been delayed. That did give me some time to chat with Christilynn and then Kim and Vee as driving to Gatlinburg. I was in awe that I was riding with two members of the Olympic Coven. Christmas light decorations were still up as there is a Winter Festival ongoing for January. Never did a night picture of some of the lights. :-( 

Friday morning I ended up walking to the Walgreens to get a couple of items I forgot. Long walk and not flat. I walked by a sky lift that I was really tempted to do, but decided I wouldn’t be able to move out of the way of chair fast enough getting off. I did wait for the trolley to take me back. The Aquarium is the one point all routes have in common. I waited about 20 minutes for first trolley to continue its route and take me to the Aquarium. I then had another 30 minute wait for the blue route trolley. There is a nice visitor center next to the Aquarium ticket area. I spent the wait time enjoying looking at history of Gatlinburg through pictures and some artisans work on display.

The first scheduled event was a champagne reception Friday mid-afternoon. It was our first look at the wonderfully decorate event room. A Christmas tree with lights set up for us to decorate later. There was a table to place our ornament for the exchange later. There was a table with bubbly drinks – champagne and soda including the good Sweeps ginger ale. There were name tags up for each stocking hanger. There were vendor tables set up in front of windows for National Twilight Night and each Coven member to sell photographs and autograph them. I didn’t complete my personal assignment of printing out some of my pictures for them to sign. I did get their autographs at SMD 2014. The reception was a nice time to talk and meet people. I noticed that more people seemed to go introduce themselves than at the Stephenie Meyer Day celebration. The smaller group I think helps facilitate that along with the quieter room. 

The Friday evening dinner with a Cullen couple was too tightly scheduled. Time to gather up car pools and travel to restaurant was not allowed for. The dinners were signed up for before even leaving home. Jasper and Alice at the Alamo, where I went. Emmett and Rosalie at a BBQ place. Carlisle and Esme at a Mexican place. Edward and Bella at an Italian place. At least two places did not have room for the full number at one table. Everyone was seated close by though. 

The desert table when we got back was mouthwatering. Pecan pie, carrot cake, brownies, cakes and I can’t remember what all else. We decorated the Christmas tree. We had the ornament exchange and the ugly sweater contest. I picked an ornament from Salt Lake – salt crystals grown in shape of snow flake. Hope it arrives home in one piece. There were four finalists in the sweater contest. Then we voted with a dollar for favorite of the four until noon on Saturday. Alice was then to wear the winning one Saturday evening. 

Alice with the four finalists

There was a game of ‘gathering the witnesses’ for teams to work at. It was a scavenger hunt with a twist. I choose to sit this out as involved going outside and I was already starting to hurt from the long non-flat walk. It was a nice quiet time to talk with some others also sitting it out. There were a few people dancing while we waited for the teams to come back. There were questions so you not only had to gather the clues but answer the questions correctly. The teams all seemed to enjoy the romp. I enjoy the conversations.

National Twilight Night took over for some games. This lady was a little tired and sore and retired to my room. I am also not much of a party person especially if get rowdy and part of the crowd was already a little rowdy for me. I know I’m a stick in the mud. In the room I downloaded the pictures taken for the day. The internet connection wasn’t too bad most of the time. Facebook was a problem at times in not wanting to upload images.

It got really cold over night as there was frost everywhere and every morning you could see your breath. Saturday was shopping with Alice in the morning. We joined the group after getting another attendee a cane at Walgreens. She aggravated a fractured leg with a fall Friday evening. Another attendee offered to drive us down. Had a chance to chat with the driver while waiting for cane purchased. She did right well after that. We joined the rest of group at a nostalgic store. That was fun. One person caught me unawares of picture being taken. Someone else got a posed shot as arranging car pool to go downtown. I was called on to play photographer for some posed ones in a little red sleight with Alice, Jasper, Bella, and Edward. That was fun and enjoy sharing pictures.

After shopping and snow play time for some others, we had a catered lunch in the event room. It was a buffet potato and soup bar. Good selection of toppings. The chili was meat free and had rice. It was good, a bit different but good. There was a break for naps and getting ready for the big Christmas dinner.

Saturday evening was a buffet Christmas dinner - turkey, dressing, mashed potato, green beans, cranberry sauce, and desert. It was all good. Nice dinner conversation. Alice made her grand entrance with the winner of the ugly sweater contest. After dinner the stockings were passed out. There was one really impressive handmade gift – coasters of the book covers done by Alexia Rodriguez. There were lots of other neat things people made or wrapped pretty. I didn’t unwrap and look at most until Sunday. 
Alice wearing the winning ugly sweater
The tree was undecorated. There were posed pictures with the Cullen Family. The tables were all cleared off. Over flowing Stockings taken to rooms. After a little a break the Josh and Travis VIP Party Down South event started. Dancing and drinking and rowdy behavior. Josh and Travis each had come up with a special alcohol mixed drink. They were in containers like the lemonade and iced tea or punch containers on the other table. There was a nice selection of non-alcoholic drinks available – sparking ciders or sparkling non-alcoholic grape juice. The special drinks were not labeled alcoholic. From reports I heard, it is likely one attendee got very drunk on the alcoholic lemonade looking drink. I stayed for a while taking some pictures and talking to people. Conversation was more difficult with the loud music.

That is the end of the Cullens’ Winter Escape event. Sunday I got a roommate, Lyndy Sue Shields. We were going to hang out for rest of Sunday and Monday before taking me to airport Tuesday morning. We went for a drive on Sunday and met two other attendees at Golden Corral in Pigeon Forge. Good dinner and nice conversation. Monday I finished packing suitcase to ship home. Arrived with three and too many to handle. Stupid computer and stupid winter coat took up too much room. Only wore the coat once and only to say that I did – am kind of glad it was warm enough to just wear an additional layer with warm jacket.

We had lunner, midway between lunch and dinner, at Mellow Mushroom. Great pizza. Then we walked around the other half of downtown Gatlinburg in the evening. Found a suitable souvenir TShirt and we enjoyed the Hollywood car exhibit – Gibbs’ car out in front.

It was a great time. The Olympic Coven was fantastic as the Cullens and as themselves. I really enjoyed the time to visit with the ones I did. Also the chance to meet and talk with other fans was great. Big Thank you to the organizers! Best wishes and superior skill and cunning in your personal and professional lives to the cast members if this is the last time I get to see you. Thank you for all your work and bringing to life the book characters. It may seem strange to you because I don’t interact with the characters, but I really do enjoy your work. I’ve enjoyed the time to talk with some of you as yourselves. Wish had more time to talk with others. Tears come when words cannot adequately express the emotions. I need some tissues now.

Thank you to organizers, the cast, and other attendees for a wonderful time.

The Olympic Coven, Cosplayers

This is an expansion of what I posted on Facebook already. That started off as the final paragraph of my review and report on the Cullens’ Winter Escape event. The Olympic Coven (OC) deserves their own post on my blog. The OC is a group of actors that cosplay the characters from the Twilight Sage books. Cosplay with screen accurate costumes/hair and developing the character in ways to spontaneous interact with others of the group and the fans.

The book Twilight changed my life as it has for a lot of other people. The Olympic Coven has added to that change. Twilight is an emotional experience. Seeing the OC bring to life the characters is something of an emotional experience. Personally I’m not interested in interacting with the characters, but I love watching them interact among themselves and other fans. They act like a family, sibling teasing, parental monitoring at times. They are lively and fun and warm and caring to each other and the fans.

This group knows how to walk the line of being the character and being themselves when interacting with fans. Travis would never say some of the stupid thoughtless things that could pop out of Emmett’s mouth. Christilynn and Brynna are both a little standoffish in a way, but that is their character of Bella and Rosalie. Bella is shy, doesn’t want attention. Rosalie is fierce and protective and intimidating. Both actors show that side while also being open to talking with fans. Alan and Josh as Edward and Jasper do much the same. Travis is Emmett, fun and a big teddy bear with good hugs. Vee is Alice, very lively and enthusiastic and so much fun to watch and listen to her and Travis banter as siblings. Cay and Tori, for 2014, and the actors that portrayed Carlisle and Esme in 2013, are the calm around which the rest swirl. They are proper and stern and loving as Carlisle and Esme. Katie as Victoria is awesome. That stare will freeze anyone, never guess that Katie is an ER nurse. Those are the one I’ve had the most interaction or watched the most.

The two young ones I did not watch that much and only interacted once with them. Jacqueline as Bree managed that confused and fearful appearance. Samantha as Renesmee looked sweet and self confident. 

Stephenie Meyer Day 2013 was my introduction to Staci Chastain and the Olympic Coven. I don’t know much about the history before that. As a former con runner, I recognized Ms Chastain as the one in charge of getting and keeping the OC on time for their various appearances at SMD and being the one that made the arrangements for those appearances. There were some opportunities to talk with her that first year and off and on since then. She has done a marvelous job of gathering the cast members and associated staff for hair, makeup, and individual handlers; then working with some businesses in Forks to arrange appearances of the OC. They act like they’ve been together for longer than they have, especially with the new arrivals in 2014.

Some say that the cosplayers distract from the author and book celebration at Forks Washington. I think for most even if they don’t interact with the cast, the actors add to the experience of visiting any Twilight Saga site, be it Forks, St Helens, Portland area, or Vancouver BC area. They can’t move at vampire speed and they do need to eat human food, but seeing them together in the locations mentioned in the books adds a touch of magic.

I’ve worked at some media cons in the past and I’ve been to a lot of events with historical reenactors. I have not seen a group do such a wonderful consistent job at portraying the characters while also interacting with fans. They have brought a touch of magic to my life.

While this post is about the Olympic Coven, I cannot fail to mention that there were some other serious cosplayers that added to the magic at SMD 2014 and at CWE 2015. They are included in the list at bottom.

The future of the Olympic Coven is kind of up in the air currently. I am thankful I was able to attend the Cullens’ Winter Escape as that may be their last appearance together. I hope not. More people should have the opportunity of seeing them in action. A big Thank You to the cast for all your work, for giving up time from your life to entertain us, for money out of own pocket to be at these events, for that touch of magic.

Olympic Coven cast for SMD 2014 and * CWE 2015
*Alice Cullen – Vee Elle, Facebook – Vee Elle as Alice Cullen
*Bella Swan – Christilynn Swan, Facebook – Christilynn Swan
Bree Tanner – Jacqueline Brown, Facebook - Jacqueline as Bree new character for 2014
*Carlisle Cullen – Cay Percifield, Facebook – Cay Percifield as Carlisle Cullen
*Edward Cullen – Alan Mitchell, Facebook – Alan as Edward
*Emmett Cullen – Travis Shoaf, Facebook – Travis as Emmett
*Esme Cullen – Tori Giles, Facebook – Tori Giles as Esme Cullen
James – James Taylor
*Jasper Whitlock Hale – Josh Goff, Facebook – Josh Goff Productions
Renesmee Cullen – Samantha Baldwin, Facebook – Samantha as Nessie
*Rosalie Hale – Brynna Rowan, Facebook – Brynna as Rosalie or Doppelganger Cosplay
*Victoria – Katie Quinn Thornton, Facebook - Katie as Victoria

Other cos players
*New Moon Aro – Aro Maida
BD Alec – Robert Blair
*BD Aro – Shandra Mutchie, Facebook – Aro Romero Verispuci
BD Jane – Tiffany Lynn

CWE others:
Larkin Nash – Rene Swan, The Cullen Cars
Bryant Davis – Charlie Swan, Facebook – Russell Varon Cosplay

SMD 2013 cast had Jacob there and different Carlisle, Esme, and Rosalie.

Olympic Coven + visitors SMD2014

Olympic Coven + visitor CWE 2015