21 May 2019

All things relate to Twilight

The current uproar over abortion has me thinking of various Twilight fan fiction that deals with the various issues. Not everyone knows someone who has had an abortion or been adopted or had a still birth. Sometimes fiction with characters that we care about can expose us to thoughts and feelings that we might not otherwise have. 

My thoughts about abortion are in the previous post. So here are some Twilight fan fiction stories that deal with the issue of abortion, adoption, what makes a family. There are others. These four are ones I've reread a few times and highlight different aspects of the whole issue. 

1. Meeting Myself by AMomWhoWrites: One lie sealed his fate. He couldn't look back and he couldn't move on, but what happens when he finds out, sixteen years later it was all a lie...  All human, canon couples, plus other characters. This is a completed story. 
This is at times a gut wrenching story. It deals with teenage pregnancy, abortion, adoption, drug addiction, foster care, still birth, truth / lies, love / marriage, family coming together. Suggest having tissues handy. Warnings are given for possible triggers in chapters.

2. All Roads Lead Straight Back to You by bashfulbellawannabe: When a secretly pregnant Isabella walked out of Edward's life 4 years ago, he thought he's never see her again...  
All human, not complete. The first few chapters deal with Edward finding out why Isabella left and that he has a son. 
Kind of shows what can happen if the father is left out of the equation in a different manner than Meeting Myself does.

3. While You Were Knocked Out Cold by Melolable: On his way to propose to long time girlfriend Tanya, Edward witnesses an horrific hit and run car accident. The driver's plea changes everything for Edward...
All human, canon couples, complete
Yes it has a While You Were Sleeping vibe to it. I include it on this list to show, sperm donor doesn't make you a father. 

4. Full Circle by JenRar: Edward left Bella to keep her safe. Not all monsters are immortal, and fate usually gets its way, no matter how hard you fight it. ...
Vampires and humans and wolves. Complete but needs a sequel or more epilogue. 
Child is result of rape and we read of Bella's thoughts and feelings about keeping it or not. Another one where sperm donor doesn't make you a father. 


I believe life begins at conception. 

This is a faith based belief, thought, and feeling. It resonates to me as truth. As such abortion is murder and all involved are guilty. 

I understand and accept that others do not agree with that belief, thought, feeling. As such it is a private decision between the two parties directly involved and their god/higher power belief system. I think that the mother's choice should take priority over the sperm donor's. 

It is none of my business to know or judge. Nor is it anyone else's business to know or judge. I believe that judgment will happen to all of us eventually. 

Being a faith based decision and to keep separation of church and state intact, it is none of government's business to know or judge.

Making abortion illegal is not the way to make it not happen. Look at what happened with making alcohol illegal.

We need to make preventing pregnancy easy to access and very affordable. We need to educate youth on how to avoid pregnancy until ready. We need to educate youth on options in the case of pregnancy. I really like the idea of making sperm donors accountable as soon as conception is confirmed and deny rapists any and all parental rights, child support is an obligation not a right. 

We need to make adoption less a sigma - for parents and child - and less expensive, easier while maintaining adequate checks for children to go to good home. We need to support pregnancies that are unwanted but also the mother doesn't want to abort, that would include lost wages. We need to make adoption an affordable option for birth mother to have a healthy baby and life. 

People need to step up and adopt, too many say they will or would and never do or only if certain restrictions are met about the child. Parameters for parents/home need not be limited by age, gender or income, but based on heart, situation and psyche. 

We need to educate people about our faith based belief, hope that they will come to understand and think/feel/belief the same way about how precious life is and begins at conception. In the meantime we need to accept that others do not share our belief and give them the choice of a safe medical procedure. 

30 July 2018

OPA: Seattle Scottish Highland Games

Found out about Seattle Scottish Highland Games less than a week before. The Games are held at the Expo Center in Enumclaw the last weekend of July, this year 27-29. The drive is about 3 hours from Sequim. I looked for a motel room for Friday, all sold out or too expensive closer to Tacoma. Originally decided not to drive there and back in same day. There were some other things more local to go do. 

Woke up Saturday morning and changed my mind after having some computer problems, off to Enumclaw. I had already printed out the directions and was familiar with route up to I 5. Traffic got heavy after the Tacoma Narrows bridge and stop and go at I 5 interchange. Construction has deleted the exit in Google maps. Took me a while to figure missed something. Saw a VIC, Visitor Info Center, for Fife and went there to find it closed. Looked at maps on phone and headed north a little, rest stop provided needed break and a person to get me back on correct road more easily than phone maps. 

As driving further east, was able to see Mt Ranier. It was kind of hard to see due to haze and all the snow merge with the white clouds. Was slightly tempted to keep going there, but HLG called. Finally got there passing one turn off at edge of town and easily backtracked. It was late enough, after 4 hour drive, that there was closer up parking to entrance available. Could hear some music from parking lot. Happy music. 

The venue has VERY little shade. It was a good size event. Lots of clans tents. Good number of usual type of vendors. Only one pottery stall. A bunch of stages. There were areas for animals, heavy athletic events, pipe/drum bands, a couple of 'beer gardens'. Walk Through Time was area for reenactors - Vikings, Picts, Queen Mary. 

The Welsh Cake folk were there. So got a small supply, will need to order on line next time. There did not appear to be much in way of gluten free food, turkey leg and that is too much. Kept hydrated with lemonade and water. Had a good time listening to some music and looking at wares. 

It only took me 3 hours to get home. The route I took home went directly to I 5 rather than the round about way Google maps had me to get to eastbound highway to get to Enumclaw. Something to keep in mind for next trip. The Northwest Renaissance Faire is in Bonnie Lake, not as far as Enumclaw, in a couple of weeks.

Glad I went. Had a good time. Not worth going every year. After this year, think I will alternate HLG and RF.