05 May 2018

OPA: Sequim Irrigation Festival part 1, 5 May 2018

My first street fair with my first Irrigation Festival. Missed the early events due to not sleeping last night so not up early enough. Enjoyed the vendors. Bought an adjustable green hat from Fresh Hats to wear over beanie or ear band or without if not cold out. Saw a beautiful blue/green metal dragon. Very reasonable priced. Walked away to look at other vendors and decide if want. Went back for it on way back to car. Saw a nice belt buckle of Welsh dragon and some belts with butterflies or dragonflies. Bought some wool dryer balls and a book from local author - Sophia and the Dragon by JMM Adams. Part of a series give it a try due to love of dragons and then see about the others. 

There were community info booths on Washington St between Sequim and 2nd Ave. Fire department, FIRST robotics, Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, Library. There were a couple of do-it-yourself art projects. A couple of games, including cupcake walk with the royal court. 

The weather was clear and sunny. Almost too warm with long sleeve top on. 

Finished up with a stop at the Pioneer Park with driftwood art display. Took several pictures outside before going in. Most of the artists have a nice sense of humor with the names of the art piece. It is amazing what artists are able to see in a piece of wood and bring it out with some careful sanding and polishing. 

A good day. Enjoyable time. One vendor said the Lavender festival in July is bigger. Looking forward to it. 

04 May 2018

OPA: Fort Worden and Lady Washington 3 May 2018

I found out too late to see the Lady Washington in Monterey last year. Saw notice for it being in Port Townsend this week. Weather clear and sunny. Deck tours from 1600hrs to 1700hrs. Decided to explore Fort Worden first. 

Found the VIC as coming into Port Townsend. Got some walking info for PT and FW. Construction going on along waterfront street, so worked out well coming from FW. 

Found the gift shop and neat stuff also bought a state park Discover pass. It was strange being back on a base, even if now a state park. They have left the buildings and using them for classes, resort rooms, offices. It felt like being on a base. The officer home row reminds me of home that a friend lived in at Tacoma base around 1964. And a little of the fourplexes that we lived in at Denver. 

How to express the gratitude that I feel that the memory of those who served is being honored so well. They are making good use of the base and buildings. I kept coming near to tears. Will have to visit the other Forts that are now state parks. 

Drove to the coast guard lighthouse and walked around there. Lots of pictures. Could see the mountains on the mainland, pictures not so good. Very windy. Ears were not covered and got cold. 

After walking around the lighthouse area, drove to the waterfront area. Found parking lot. Found another store with cool stuff. Then found the Lady Washington and only wait about 5 minutes for deck tour. 

It is smaller than thought it would be. Still super neat to see and board. Lots of ropes! Amazing that crew keeps straight which rope goes to what. Nice chat with a couple of the crew. Well worth the trip over. 

Got pictures uploaded to SmugMug account: https://pamrice.smugmug.com/Ft-Worden-Lady-Washington-3-May-18/