17 January 2018

Wednesday 17 Jan 18 OPA New Bank, MHP, movers check lesson

Looked at Realtor.com before breakfast this morning. Adjusted filters and presentation to get closer to info wanted. Found a 'mobile home park' MHP in town with prices close to what I'm comfortable spending. Looked at couple of ones listed, nice looking, more manufactured home than mobile home. Drove by the area. Nice area, close to Safeway and Discovery Trail. The yards were mostly gravel, not the fancy and very pretty ones that are way too intimidating to this non-gardener. Looked like most are eight units on a cul-de-suc. Think I've found where I want to live. Now to find a suitable unit for sale. 

With delivery of household goods need to get a cashiers check or money order for the balance. The delivery may be on Saturday. I will get a call the day before. Told them from the start that I would be in Seattle on Friday and not available to receive. Hopefully get a call on Friday for Saturday delivery.

Then had to look for ways to get a cashiers check. Santa Clara Credit union will not overnight check. Other account will only send to address of record, which isn't the motel address. I've waited too long to set up local bank account, funds to set up new account are on 7 to 10 day hold. The moving company charges the customer the 3.5% transaction fee for using credit card. Going to cost me bunch of money for taking too long to set up local bank account or letting moving company know too soon. More insufficient planning on my part. Live and learn, learn from my mistake.

Started raining hard while in bank setting up account. Checked into hair place close to bank, come back in 45 minutes. Went to WalMart for plastic totes to repack clothes in. Then storage office to get pallets into unit before Saturday. Those people are so nice and helpful. No cost for the pallets. Asked about downsizing unit when find place to put the furniture. 

I feel blessed with the people I've met at All Safe Mini Storage and at the EconoLodge. All are so nice and helpful.  When find a place permanent or a temporary one with kitchen, I will miss the ladies here at EconoLodge. 

I usually let hair grow out over the winter, but it has gotten too shaggy even for me. Especially with the Washington State Twilighters gathering on Saturday and financial advisor meeting in Seattle in Friday. Figure might want to make a better first impression. 

Lots of stuff done today. Have more to do before appointment on Friday. Opened up the CoolPix W100 package and started battery charge and then set it up. Progress. 

16 January 2018

Tuesday 16 Jan 18 OPA Senior Info, New Camera

Tonight is TV night, so this is being written early. Slow start to the day. Eventually got out. First stop was WalMart to see what Nikon CoolPix they had...it was the waterproof, shock proof, and good for low temperature version. Bought it. Now to set up. The recurring problems with the older one, prompted this purchase. The idea of waterproof and ok at low temperature will be advantageous for here. When go to beach or hiking one less thing to be concerned with. It is smaller than the dSLR too, so easier to carry hiking. 

Picked up two locks with one key for the storage unit. Decided to get some totes to repack clothes rather than file boxes. 

Stopped at the Senior Info center. Got great info on health insurance plans available here. Also found out Kaiser is in Silverdale, only about 1hr away, closer than Oregon border cities. At least know available if need before find a place to live. Once find a place, I will have 60 days to sign up for new plan without a medical evaluation. Then find doctor to accept. Also picked up info on housing and other issues. When did I get old enough to be senior? 

Had dinner at Paradise this evening. Very nice place. Good food. Slow start, better ending with this dinner. 

Thank you to all the encouragement messages concerning my anxiety about going over to Seattle. Somewhat joking, I blame Virginia May's "What Drives Her" story. In that story Victoria's army attacks a ferry before going to Forks/La Push.  It is best reason I came up with to explain why the anxiety over crossing the sound. 

as usual no pre-reader all errors our mine, be gentle when inform me of mistakes.