18 March 2018

OPA 12 to 18 March Ordered home, Forks, speeding ticket, watch dragon

Continued to move boxes from storage unit to garage. Opened some and found my convection/toaster oven! also found my dirty clothes sorting station. Have moved all the boxes I can alone, the rest are too big or too heavy to do alone. Can only fit two in car at a time. Hope to get some help from men in the ward. Maybe I should ask the RS Sisters. 

Monday met with Visiting Teaching companion. Brianna is a nice young lady. She doesn't really know the sisters we visit. Nice that we had time to chat before going out as companions.

Wednesday I met with the ladies of LJM Properties and ordered my new home. Lots of options, but not as many as thought. Not totally happy with kitchen. There is a microwave above the stove. Guess I'll be finding new home for my by then six month old red microwave. A little sad about that. That also means the hood fan does not vent to outside, but just circulates the air, pointless. Really like that red in kitchen. The home will likely be delivered in July - August time frame. 

I did find a new home for the two month old toaster oven. Happy to have mine back. One of sisters working on decorating for Relief Society birthday brunch tomorrow, will be getting it. It was fun helping to set up Friday morning. 

Thursday, I got a free recliner from my landlord. The color doesn't fit me or my eventual color scheme. It is nice to have a comfy chair to watch TV or read in. The recline is even good for using the laptop and get off my feet. Avoiding buying furniture for here with move coming in five to six months. The large trunk was a sorta exception. Trying to just get smaller things to limit what gets moved. I don't want to overwork the volunteers or if have to pay to move, then less will save money. Hopefully I will be able to start going through boxes more and toss, shred, donate, sell items.

Found a couple of other things: TwilightMoms Snuggle and flower print comforter. The Snuggle is just the right weight for cover to take a nap under. Not sure how I came to have this comforter. Could be from my mother's home, don't remember buying and not my usual taste in the past. Nice change, with flowers on white background it is lighter than my other two comforter covers.It does fit the bed better than the down comforter. Hmm...might stick with this white print to counter balance the darker wood of bedroom dressers.  

Saturday I went to Forks for auction to support the HS seniors. Very mixed bag of items donated and very interesting and very big! Some beautiful wood pieces, decorative and some practical bowls. A garden wood bench with planters at end each...tempted but no way fit in my car. There was a wood wall shelves of interest and then there was a beautiful stained glass butterfly, lots of purple. Bid on a couple of the wood bowls...very quickly outbid. The butterfly didn't come up until today and I took my 'call me' tag off. Lissy was the only I knew there. We chatted. She let me know Sunday that the butterfly went for $150. Another time, another butterfly for me. I left after about 4 hours. Tired after so little sleep lately. 

Got pulled over for speeding on outskirts of Port Angeles. Guess good thing didn't win anything at the auction, save money for the ticket. Second speeding ticket in 52 years of driving, first one 38 years ago. Maybe I should have stayed in Sequim and attended the RS brunch. 

Stopped by for quick look through of garden show in Sequim at Boys/Girls club. Wood carver and metal worker outside. The wood guy wasn't informative when asked about doing a dragon. Metal guy had two, one was a dragon in a rock that I liked, other one was wall mounted one - not for me. Inside not a lot of interest for me right now. Since I was so late getting there, I got a band for Sunday. 

Stake conference Sunday meeting. Didn't feel up to driving to stake center last night for adult session. The Sunday meeting is streamed to the meetinghouses. [keep thinking 'we are not in Kansas anymore Toto'] The stake is rather large geographically. Good meeting. Keep it simple. Build it strong. Make it work. That was theme of General Authority's talk. 

Went back to garden show after meeting. The dragon in rock was gone. But he had a tall watch dragon. $30 off...sold. My new home landscaping has begun. Barely fit in car. One vendor was covered up yesterday - hand made hats. Nice. Likely get one eventually. There was a purple plaid one...just not into it today. 

Catching up on laundry this evening as watch some TV shows. One new one starts tonight. Another one has second episode - disgraced magician helping FBI. Will watch one more episode of NCIS:LA tonight, then may switch to Private Eyes on at same time. Watched first couple of episodes of Private Eyes while NCIS:LA was on break for Olympics. Think I like it better. 

Next Friday I will be working as docent at the Forks Twilight Collection. 

11 March 2018

OPA 5 to 11 March 2018 New Permanent Home closer, old trunk

Monday: Shopping day. Found a winter house robe, the only winter clothing I didn't have. Some warm slippers that I'm not sure I like, little arch support so feet may rebel. Found a green pj set on sale, have lots of red and blue and now a green pair. Then the prize of the day...a Tiffany style butterfly lamp on sale. Looked at the selection of recliners in the store. Think I will get recliner and couch from the local store rather than ordering from LazyBoy. Put my money where my mouth is in supporting local businesses. 

Tuesday: Started moving file boxes from storage unit to garage. Moved about 60 boxes I think. Nice bright kinda warm day, except when in shade as I was working on the north side of the unit. Think I earned sitting for my three TV shows tonight. Things going faster than previous moving from Sacramento storage unit to San Jose with such a short trip between home and storage unit here. Even faster than moving from SJ home to storage unit there to clear way to pack as I'm just moving things already packed. 

Wednesday: up early. Got a call to join a meeting this afternoon to help plan the Relief Society BDay brunch on 17 March. Moved more boxes in morning, finished north side and started on the south side. And third row in the garage, finishing that row may be all the file boxes. Not sure how many of the larger boxes I can move. Need to see about elders quorum help again. Don't think I can move all of it into rental and leave room for car. A smaller unit would cost less and save money. Meeting went well. Texted VT companion and meeting on Friday just us. Get to know each other and figure out how do this new VT. 

Received call that my application to Heritage Park has been approved! A new permanent home is closer! After 1700hrs when heard message. So call tomorrow to see if they need anything else at this point. Then call the construction comp and set up meeting to give deposit and start order. 

Thursday: Contacted LJM Properties and have meeting set up for next Wednesday afternoon. Moved more boxes. Opened up some to see what is in and found my convection/ toaster oven! Hope can find someone who needs the one I bought. 

Friday: VT companion asked to delay our meet up until Monday, after I was all dressed and place cleaned up. Now my social anxiety has until Monday to play in backroads of mind. 

I've been thinking about guest room decoration. Came up with nautical theme. I have some items from parents home that are nautical. So went looking initially for table lamps and some small items with nautical items. Not new, but thrift store looking. Saw an old large trunk/chest for $50. Started thinking of expansion to not just nautical, but travels in general. Have souvenirs from my travels that I can display. The trunk could be a place for bed linens for the guest room. Needs to be cleaned up a lot, most of leather straps are gone. Checked with my home decorator advisers, Carol H and Christine J, suggested to make sure it doesn't stink inside. It kind of stayed on my mind, arranging room with it there, how to clean it up, what color to paint it, etc.

I am not usually into decorating with theme and consistency in mind. Just what I like. This guest room is different. I want it to be nicely done. This is new territory for me.

Saturday: Went to thrift store and the trunk wasn't where it was yesterday....deep breathe and went looking for it just being moved within store. And found it. Inside doesn't stink. Inside tag says built in Salt Lake City. Cool. The inside paper will need replacement. There is a ledge for a tray on top. Work on a new wood one eventually. I was able to drag the trunk to car and a gentleman helped me lift into car. At home I was able to lift it out, but not carry far due to weight and large. Again I've not been one to do a lot of DIY projects or at least not complete them. Fixing up my old military trunk and now this one has caught my fancy. Something I can work on while wait for home to be built. I went around rest of Saturday with big silly grin on face for finding this treasure. Looking forward to fixing up both trunks. New territory for me.

Back to storage unit and boxes. Finished moving all the file boxes and started on odd size boxes. Found hangers! Now to unpack more clothes and use those boxes to repack some of larger / heavier boxes. 

Thinking about the wood tray in trunk - put all the places I've lived around the edge of tray. 
Got tired / sleepy and headed to bed with idea of Spring forward. And then got not sleepy. Tried to fall asleep and no luck. Tried quiet relaxing music, Serenity oil, nothing got me sleepy again. 

Sunday: Ward conference and couldn't stay awake seating still. Spirit willing to listen, but body not so able. There is only one priesthood holder that I really know, just happens to be member of Bishopric. I gave him a note with info on moving boxes help. Not best timing with today being Ward conference and next Saturday & Sunday is Stake Conference. Hopefully calls can be made and help will be found and arranged. Once home, nap time. Then some TV while write this up. And hung up five boxes of clothes.