04 January 2017

Poem: Time Stands Still

Time Stands Still
By Abby Weyr
4 January 2017

Death comes to us all
No matter money
Or social status.

Time stands still
For those close
To heart.

Time slowly leaks back in
Backwards at first as
Remember shared past joys.

Sadly you face life ahead
Without the loved one
As life does go on.

Grief comes and goes
As ocean waves on the shore
Crashing or gentle nudge

Time stands still
For each wave
Let it be.

Faith and hope and love
Whispers that you
Will see them again

Let that give you
Strength to carry forward
As Time restarts.

My grandnephew, Jeremy Rice, passed away 3 Jan 2017
This poem is for his parents, Jay and Valerie. Love you.
And for other of my friends that have lost loved ones.