21 August 2013

Forks Trip Planning Update 2

Not much happening this past week. My SMDs T-shirt arrived Monday. There are some nice details on it that don’t show up well in picture when ordered. There is a red pawn, white queen, a red nearly torn ribbon, some claw marks, Cullen lion and feathers floating around the logo. Hopefully the Forever in Forks T-shirt arrives soon. I found a purple polo shirt rather than a T-shirt on sale for Mrs Cope costume. Bella doesn’t mention what slacks or skirt she was wearing, so I can make that up – conservative or outrageous. The books about Forks that I ordered from the Chamber of Commerce arrived late last week. Some enjoyable reading and pretty pictures too. Speaking of pictures I ordered a digital SLR camera and lens. I finished my thank you letter and added my 'Solace' poem and got that in mail for the Project Thank You. Found some fancy paper to put the poem on, ended up looking nice.  I’m still working on setting up meeting with some people about doTerra. Once have that the schedule can be settled. 

14 August 2013

Forks Trip Planning Update 1

One month to wait for Stephenie Meyer Days (SMDs) in Forks Washington! Making my lists and checking them twice or more.

Recently found out there are actually two local Forks organizations that put on different aspects of SMDs, so a total of three organizations. It was something of a shock to see The Hillywood Show announcement and check things out and discovered a different schedule. Exchanged some emails with SMD and got things cleared up. The names are similar and wondered if a site got hijacked or something. Neither Twilight Lexicon nor Forever in Forks had mentioned the other organization and events. [Wonder if some bad feelings between the groups. Seen that among our local science fiction community.]

There is the Forever in Forks (FiF) group, web site:  http://www.foreverinforks.com/  . They are the group that plans an annual event in different places. This year they are working with Stephenie Meyer Day to coordinate various activities over the weekend. Last year it was in LA in conjunction with the BD2 movie premier. They pick places associated with the Saga in some way. They do a poll to see what the people’s preferences are. By the time I found out it was decided in Forks Washington for SMD. Last month they had a poll up with location and weekend choices for next year. You pay for a ticket to all of their events or just the big party night. At least for this time there are a few meals included in the price. I decided to do the whole thing for a variety of reasons. The price actually seems reasonable for all that you are getting, better deal than the special gold packages CreationCon usually has at least in my opinion. The movie viewing is the only thing I’m not really interested in. At the party there is an auction and raffle to raise money for a charity, this year it is Stand Up 2 Cancer. They recently announced that there will be an acoustic concert from some of the artists on the soundtracks and one of the actors, Cider Sky, Iko and Tinsel Korey. They are asking for donations to the auction and raffle. I’m thinking about donating a couple of items. I am trying to downsize my collectibles. That night I will really need to keep that in mind.

There is the Stephenie Meyer Day (SMD), web site: http://stepheniemeyerday.com .  This year they are working with the FiF group and coordinating events. This group offers a more immersive experience into the Saga world. To help with that they work with a group of actors to recreate the main characters, The Olympic Coven. Most of the events are free; actually so far the only ones that cost money involve meals and the prom. I’ve already volunteered to help them during the events on Thursday and Friday. It will be nice to have something to do at the prom since I don’t dance. Volunteering will also be a way to really meet people. I told them of my local science fiction experience volunteering and that my job is customer service and cashiering. The volunteer supervisor mentioned having buttons for us – chaperon for the prom. That got me thinking of doing a Mrs Cope costume, old enough and might be kind of fun. I may get a chance to flirt with Edward as a bonus, all in keeping with the characters of course. I will need a bad red wig and need to read Bella’s initial description and see if I have the appropriate clothes. Staci, the lead organizer, has been very patient in answering my questions and explaining things and offering help to make sure I have a good time. I’m looking forward to meeting her. Maybe we will have a chance to sit and talk about our differing experiences in running events.

The third group is Stephenie Meyer Days 2013 (SMD13), web site: http://www.stepheniemeyerdays21013.com  Their mission is to provide events honoring Stephenie Meyer and spotlight local businesses. With the similar names, hopefully a little understandable how one might think something funny with one or the other. The events are more like what I think of as street fair happenings. There are some duplication of events, costume contests and they have at least their own Alice and Bella for photo ops. The Hillywood Show ladies will be their guest. I am looking forward to seeing the Hindi ladies again. There are some other fun events that I may have a hard time juggling time between all the happenings.

The Hillywood Show web site: http://www.thehillywoodshow.com     

The Olympic Coven portion of SMD: http://stepheniemeyerday.com/#!/?page_id=2 

The next thing to talk about is The Forks Motel, http://forksmotel.com  They are the official motel for the FiF group. I called in early July and all the rooms were reserved already, not surprising. The gentleman that I spoke with took my name and number and requirements for their waiting list. I didn’t really expect I’d get a call, figured there were a fair number already on the list. Then out of blue there was a message left for me from Sherry – a reservation had been cancelled for a three queen bed with full kitchen. The price was only $10 more a night than the reservation I had in Port Angeles and it was in Forks and worth it. We chatted a bit and mentioned didn’t have confirmed roommates and likely only one, but three beds and kitchen would be useful. Two days later Sherry called again…there was a two queen beds room available at a big savings over the suite. WOW. I am really impressed at the service level. There was additional savings. I really need to send them a San Francisco gift, maybe some sourdough bread or Ghirardelli chocolate.

This past Saturday I heard back from both of my possible travel companions and neither can come. Good thing the room was changed from three beds to two. I’m kind of sad that I won’t have a traveling companion. Neither one being able to come was not a total surprise as I had begun to think this whole trip is something that I’m suppose to do alone – something of a quest or walkabout, to walk by faith with practical preparation done ahead of time. I am trying to keep myself open to possibilities. I am at peace with this so far, so I must be walking the path the Lord intends. I do not intend to share much more of this personal aspect of the trip. I have a written journal for that. I plan on posting to this blog on a daily basis once the trip starts. Those postings will be to share in the adventure part of the trip, pictures, places stop, other exciting things. I need to try out posting pictures. I am thinking of a Flickr account to download all the photo’s each day and post the better ones here. Check back for update and link for that if decide to go that route. Three weeks and counting for this wonderful trip to begin.

Happy Anniversary Bella and Edward!

Happy Anniversary Bella and Edward!

Sorry for being a day late.

Big news in honor of the anniversary – the boxed set of movies will be available 5 November 2013. It will be a nice early birthday present. Here is Twilight Lexicon’s announcement: http://www.twilightlexicon.com/2013/08/13/twilight-ultimate-box-set-heading-your-way-in-time-for-christmas/

I never got the BD2 DVD having decided to wait for the boxed set. Unlike more devoted fans I only intended to get one copy of each of movies even though different versions were available from different retailers. I did inadvertently pick up two copies of a couple of the movies and already passed them along. Some of the features will be new to me. Do kind of wonder at no deleted scenes from BD2. They have said there were done and that the scenes didn’t work so not going to release, but us fans don’t really care if work or not. Those of us interested in ‘make of movies’ those scenes would be of interest to see why didn’t work and hear why director thought they didn’t work.

And in one month we have Stephenie Meyer Days in Forks Washington! Making my lists and checking them twice or more. An update for trip is being worked on too.

The delay in this anniversary post is due to stumbling across the first couple of episodes of Castle yesterday. Nathan Fillon was especially cute in the first couple. During the day I was out shopping, partly for the trip.