14 August 2013

Happy Anniversary Bella and Edward!

Happy Anniversary Bella and Edward!

Sorry for being a day late.

Big news in honor of the anniversary – the boxed set of movies will be available 5 November 2013. It will be a nice early birthday present. Here is Twilight Lexicon’s announcement: http://www.twilightlexicon.com/2013/08/13/twilight-ultimate-box-set-heading-your-way-in-time-for-christmas/

I never got the BD2 DVD having decided to wait for the boxed set. Unlike more devoted fans I only intended to get one copy of each of movies even though different versions were available from different retailers. I did inadvertently pick up two copies of a couple of the movies and already passed them along. Some of the features will be new to me. Do kind of wonder at no deleted scenes from BD2. They have said there were done and that the scenes didn’t work so not going to release, but us fans don’t really care if work or not. Those of us interested in ‘make of movies’ those scenes would be of interest to see why didn’t work and hear why director thought they didn’t work.

And in one month we have Stephenie Meyer Days in Forks Washington! Making my lists and checking them twice or more. An update for trip is being worked on too.

The delay in this anniversary post is due to stumbling across the first couple of episodes of Castle yesterday. Nathan Fillon was especially cute in the first couple. During the day I was out shopping, partly for the trip.

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