31 July 2013

Richly Blessed - Forks Trip Update

I've been richly blessed this week. Monday I got a call from the Forks Motel. They had a cancellation for SMD weekend, was I interested? Three queen beds and kitchen. Cost is $10 more a night than the room in Port Angeles, so....yes! Reservation confirmed for Thursday to Monday. Now to find people to share it with. 

Talked with one person here in California....still a maybe. Hope she can join me for the whole trip. Need to send message to one of ones on the FiF roommie list. 

On Tuesday I found info on an old employer retirement account that indicated it was still open. I thought I had closed it earlier this year. So called them and faxed paperwork this morning to close out the account and get cash into bank account. That will cover the trip and new camera. Also donated to a couple of Kickstarter projects. 

Really feel the trip is coming together well and is meant to be. I'm not even being my usual down side person and waiting for 'other shoe to drop'. Staying here and enjoying the time. Praise the Lord! for the attitude shift. Want to get another project stage 1 done and then go look for digital SLR.


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