23 July 2013

Review of An Unexpected Woman by Sandi Layne

This was a very delightful read. The cover picture really fits the story. The two main characters, Shelley and Mark, laugh a lot together and with other characters – Semper Gumby and TDH. They have their serious moments too, but joy in life is the prevailing feeling. They are both people of faith and that faith is shown in the way they invite the Lord into their daily lives. There are prayers in their hearts and minds as they go about their work a day lives. This is how so many people of faith that I know go about their lives and it is great to read a novel that shows that aspect. It is also great to read a modern romance novel where the characters keep to a higher standard in their relationship. They do run into a bump in the road of romance and it points out how Mark was a bit unbalanced in his faith at least in one aspect of his life – relies too much, too far on the Lord forgetting how we need to do all that we can to prepare and rely on the Lord for the rest. It is then that Mark realizes who Shelley is to him.  The final sexy scene is the best! Well worth the price of the book.

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