31 December 2014

SMD/OC announcement 30 Dec 2014

Walking Away

Yesterday afternoon, 30 Dec 2014, Stephenie Meyer Day / Olympic Coven, SMD / OC, organizers posted a heartbreaking announcement that the event planned for St Helens Oregon September 2015 was cancelled and that the OC would not be appearing at the Forks SMD events. The announcement is here: https://www.facebook.com/StephenieMeyerDay/posts/800220880024510

From that announcement: “At the end of the day, we are enormous Twilight fans, and we cannot be part of an event and a culture that may cause us to resent the franchise and the fandom we love so dearly. In order to preserve our love for Twilight, we have decided to respectfully walk away. We have quietly endured our fair share of gossip, drama, and small town politics related to this event since 2011, and we have finally reached a point where this is just too much for us.

It is a sad that the St Helens event has been cancelled. I was looking forward to seeing the actual filming sites for Twilight with a group of fans and especially with the OC. It would have been nice for the OC to have done at least that one more event after Cullens’ Winter Escape in January at Gatlinburg TN.

That said, I understand and support their decision to walk away before the situation taints their feelings for the fans and for Twilight. In the past I was not as smart concerning a local con that I was involved with and that con experienced a similar situation.

Forks Chamber of Commerce will continue to have a SMD celebration. They do have their own coven, last I knew of just Bella and Alice. They have been having their own events these last two (2) years that I’ve attended. They have had their own web site and Facebook page for SMD. The FB page is Forks Stephenie Meyer Day / Bella’s Birthday Weekend. We can still gather there at that time. We can still have some fun times. We can still support SMD and Forks.

My initial reaction was sad and some tears, then I wanted to write not so polite letters to chamber of commerce for Forks and St Helens or to smack someone. Know that would not help the situation, but might feel a little better. ;-)

From the comments on various threads about this, the OC members seem to be open to other possibilities in the future. Not sure Staci and her assistants are willing to commit to anything right now. Personally I think we can state our support of other possibilities without pressuring them into something. Maybe Forever in Forks and SMD/OC could combine forces and bring something about? Maybe not ever year, but certain anniversaries? That could give time for planning and fundraising. It wouldn’t be running around the forest surrounding Forks, but a party to celebrate Twilight and have ‘family’ reunion. Chicago, Phoenix, and Jacksonville are the other major cities mentioned in the books. There are the places associated with Rosalie and Esme. Wonder what Ashland Wisconsin could offer? Or Rochester New York?

I want to thank all those involved with organizing the SMD/OC events and providing us with a touch of fantasy as we have celebrated Twilight. I wish the planners and organizers of SMD/OC and the members of the Olympic Coven the best with their personal and professional lives and all future endeavors. Let us move forward and remember we are celebrating Twilight and keep the Sparkle in our hearts to share with the world.