29 December 2011

About Poem "Dearheart Friend"

The first two stanzas were written in July 1995, the rest Jan 1996 to a dear friend.  We had met earlier in 1995.  Emotionally I was hiding behind a self built wall.  He got me to open up and remove the wall or at least put a door in it.  Safe was how I felt with him.  I felt at the time that he was dealing with some things as well.  While we did not always speak of details of what we were dealing with, we were there for each other for that time.  I hope I was of some help to him as he was for me.  We traveled together through Scotland for couple of weeks in September.  We remained friends and that was all it would ever be.  He found another to love and marry.  Friends still, just not as close drifting apart with different paths to follow.  I treasure the time we had and glad still in touch every so often.  I found a hard copy of this while doing some cleaning - starting Spring cleaning early.

Poem: Dearheart Friend

Dearheart Friend
By Abby Weyr
July 1995 first two stanzas
Rest Jan 1996

Please, be not afraid
You are free to come or go.
My love for you binds me to you,
            not you to me.
I ask only to be treated with
            respect, courtesy and honesty
            as you have.

Please, be not afraid.
Come take my hand to share
            some time together.
You are welcomed into my life
share what you will of yours.

We joined hands and built bridges
            crossing more than water.
We traveled near and far, up and
            down, in and out;
Opening doors to healing peace,
            joy and love.

There have been disappointments, but
            mainly times have been good.
Through all this we have grown
            in love as friends.
But now we are close to the
            far side of a bridge.

Please, I am afraid.
The water rushes by and you
            are ahead.
My side of bridge is not yet
            done and
Once across our paths will
            part even more.

Please I am afraid.
I pray our love and friendship
            will keep paths open between us;
If not physically, then in heart
            And mind.
Taking my hand you help me
            Finish and cross.

Please, be at peace, I am now.
We have cried and laughed
            away the hurt
Let us go forward not alone,
            separate and together
Knowing the joy of having a
            friend in each other.

I love you, my dearheart friend.

23 December 2011

Twilight Fan Fiction Highlight / Reviews

Announcing an upcoming regular feature:  once or twice a week I will highlight and / or review a fan fiction story.  It may be something recently read, old favorite, or currently reading.  I am not a very critical reader so don't expect analysis of plot and characterizations.  I like what I like and will pass that info along.  Some items will be consistently mentioned - what kind of story, time frame takes place in, and rating.  Links and author summary will be provided.  Sources will be Ramblings and Thoughts site and Fan Fiction.net site.

I have already mentioned three stories on Facebook page, two Christmas stories since it is that time of year and a new one that I will explain after the links that follow:

Christmas in Ashland by persephonesfolly
Summary:  It’s Edward’s first Christmas in Ashland, Wisconsin.  How much trouble can a newborn vampire get into at Christmas time?

canon story, pre-Twilight, PG-13  
This is a nice two chapter story of Edward finding some Christmas spirit.

Christmas Angel by silly_bella
Summary:  How did Edward spend Christmas away from Bella and his family?

canon, New Moon, PG-13
short one chapter story where again Edward manages to find some Christmas spirit.

The Fairy Tale by Eh Bien
Renesmee and Jacob's courtship, wedding, and honeymoon, from Nessie's POV. Mostly fluff. Post-saga, canon. M for non-graphic sexual content.

canon, post Breaking Dawn, M 

This one was picked because it has a really good explanation of wolf side of imprinting on child. I have recently read a chapter of story where author made some disparaging remarks about vampires having babies and wolves imprinting on children.  Also one author posted review of Breaking Dawn and mentioned how the movie made Jacob's imprinting on Renesmee more understandable.  The explanation the Eh Bien gives in the story fits how I've thought about it and makes sense and not creepy.  That is why it is being highlighted.  All of the stories written by Eh Bien have been good and recommend all of them.  She says that she is an inexperienced writer, the stories don't reflect that inexperience.  They are all stories that I can read before bed and not worry about the characters, gentle is the adjective that keeps coming to mind.  Read and make up your own mind about them.  

So this is the start of regular feature.  I won't do any more until after the New Year.  
Merry Christmas    Happy New Year    Happy Hanukkah    Happy Yule    

04 December 2011

Book Movie Differences Twilight

With Breaking Dawn part 1 recently released and some discussions going on about the differences between the book and movie I decided to write up my thoughts on the subject for each book / movie combination.  Twilight up first, others as I review books/movies.

I read all the books after New Moon was released and then bought the Twilight DVD.  I hated it the first time watched it.  There were so many things wrong so early on in the movie.  After watching with the commentary I calmed down and now while I don’t hate it, I accept it for what it is – a translation from page to film, different medium different rules and exact translation not possible.

*There are not any other victims known to town folks by the nomads in the book.
*Bella in the book goes to Forks in January not March.   She is not vegetarian in the book.  They do not eat at the diner.
*The truck is waiting for her when she arrives at Charlie’s home from the airport.  Not brought by later by Billy and Jacob.  So she doesn’t ask Jacob to go to school with her.
*Considering how rainy it is I can’t imagine anyone leaving vehicle windows down.  Only in a movie to ease of making the shot – when she pulls into parking lot her first day of school.
*Bella memorizes the school map while waiting for first class so that she isn’t walking around with it like they show her doing in the movie. 
*She isn’t approached by any of other students until gets to first class, no newspaper article/picture.  She meets Mike, Jessica, and Eric in morning classes.  Angela has biology with her and walks her to that class.  Angela is very shy in the book.  Eric in the movie is combination of Eric and Ben in the book.
*The school cafeteria has long rectangle tables not round ones.  She sits facing the Cullen’s at that first lunch.
*The Cullen’s don’t walk into the cafeteria as in the movie, they are already sitting in their corner of room when she notices them and asks Jessica.
*The seating arrangement in the movie for biology class is not the same as in the book.  In the book their table is the back row and on the right hand side of room.  Bella does have the seat next to aisle.
*Bella does stay to turn in her slip the first day at the office rather than turning around and leaving right after Edward.
*The conversation during the onion root lab is a little different in the book.  Their fingers touch when he gives her the next slide and she notes the coldness and the energy.  He doesn’t say anything about lights affecting the colour of his eyes in the book. 
*Charlie puts chains on her tires, not new tires.
*The near miss accident is a little different.  Edward stays with Bella trapped between two cars.  He doesn’t push in on the door of the van.  He does push in on fender/bumper of next car and pulls it back out to return it to proper shape and Bella notices that.  He does lift the van and pulls Bella around so the van doesn’t crush her legs.
*The hospital scenes are different.  She confronts him alone in a hallway. 
*Edward doesn’t speak to Bella for six weeks after the accident.
*There is no field trip to green house/compose place. 
*Three boys plot to ask Bella to ask them to the Sadie Hawkins Dance – now known as girls’ choice dance.  Mike is first one and does it before bio class starts.  That is what prompts Edward to speak to her again.  It is that night that he first sneaks into her room after she is asleep.  Her reason for not going to dance is trip to Seattle, not Jacksonville.
*They sit together at lunch a couple of times more or less alone.  Have the not superhero but bad guy conversation.
*That weekend is when the weather is good enough for the First Beach trip where Bella meets Jacob for first time in long time.  She does pick up on the tribe not liking the Cullen’s and flirts with Jacob to get the story from him.
*Tuesday of the next week is the dress shopping trip to Port Angles.  They do not see the boys while trying on dresses.  They are men that corral her, not frat boys as in the movie.  Edward pulls Volvo around and she gets in and he stays in car driving off.  He goes someplace quiet and dark to try to calm down and ask her to distract him.  Then she looks at clock and mentions Angela and Jessica.  He takes her to restaurant.  They have a booth in out of way corner of place, not center of room.  The conversation at restaurant and drive home is different in book, but result is the same, he knows she knows what he is.
*That Saturday is the school dance and trip to meadow for Edward and Bella.  In the book they are aware of danger of being seen going off together if something should go wrong.  In the movie the meadow scene takes place as they skip school walking into woods from the school grounds – wrong!
*Then the next day is Bella’s visit to the Cullen home.  Rosalie and Emmett are not there.  They are not fixing her a meal.  Edward doesn’t take her up a tree, they just hang out in his room until takes her home to come back later for baseball game.
*James is the one that says “you brought a snack.” Not Laurent as in the movie.
*the rest of movie follows the book more closely with confrontation with the nomads, ploy to draw them away, trip to Phoenix.
*Bella ditches Alice and Jasper at airport as waiting for Edward, Carlisle and Emmett to arrive. 
*Alice helps Carlisle and Edward not Jasper and Emmett taking care of James.
*Jacob comes into the prom and dances with Bella while giving her message from Billy, not outside as in movie. 

This is written from memory of reading the book and watching the movie a few weeks ago.  I may have recalled some things incorrectly.  I may have missed some things.  This may be updated when I read and watch the movie again.