29 December 2011

About Poem "Dearheart Friend"

The first two stanzas were written in July 1995, the rest Jan 1996 to a dear friend.  We had met earlier in 1995.  Emotionally I was hiding behind a self built wall.  He got me to open up and remove the wall or at least put a door in it.  Safe was how I felt with him.  I felt at the time that he was dealing with some things as well.  While we did not always speak of details of what we were dealing with, we were there for each other for that time.  I hope I was of some help to him as he was for me.  We traveled together through Scotland for couple of weeks in September.  We remained friends and that was all it would ever be.  He found another to love and marry.  Friends still, just not as close drifting apart with different paths to follow.  I treasure the time we had and glad still in touch every so often.  I found a hard copy of this while doing some cleaning - starting Spring cleaning early.

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