23 December 2011

Twilight Fan Fiction Highlight / Reviews

Announcing an upcoming regular feature:  once or twice a week I will highlight and / or review a fan fiction story.  It may be something recently read, old favorite, or currently reading.  I am not a very critical reader so don't expect analysis of plot and characterizations.  I like what I like and will pass that info along.  Some items will be consistently mentioned - what kind of story, time frame takes place in, and rating.  Links and author summary will be provided.  Sources will be Ramblings and Thoughts site and Fan Fiction.net site.

I have already mentioned three stories on Facebook page, two Christmas stories since it is that time of year and a new one that I will explain after the links that follow:

Christmas in Ashland by persephonesfolly
Summary:  It’s Edward’s first Christmas in Ashland, Wisconsin.  How much trouble can a newborn vampire get into at Christmas time?

canon story, pre-Twilight, PG-13  
This is a nice two chapter story of Edward finding some Christmas spirit.

Christmas Angel by silly_bella
Summary:  How did Edward spend Christmas away from Bella and his family?

canon, New Moon, PG-13
short one chapter story where again Edward manages to find some Christmas spirit.

The Fairy Tale by Eh Bien
Renesmee and Jacob's courtship, wedding, and honeymoon, from Nessie's POV. Mostly fluff. Post-saga, canon. M for non-graphic sexual content.

canon, post Breaking Dawn, M 

This one was picked because it has a really good explanation of wolf side of imprinting on child. I have recently read a chapter of story where author made some disparaging remarks about vampires having babies and wolves imprinting on children.  Also one author posted review of Breaking Dawn and mentioned how the movie made Jacob's imprinting on Renesmee more understandable.  The explanation the Eh Bien gives in the story fits how I've thought about it and makes sense and not creepy.  That is why it is being highlighted.  All of the stories written by Eh Bien have been good and recommend all of them.  She says that she is an inexperienced writer, the stories don't reflect that inexperience.  They are all stories that I can read before bed and not worry about the characters, gentle is the adjective that keeps coming to mind.  Read and make up your own mind about them.  

So this is the start of regular feature.  I won't do any more until after the New Year.  
Merry Christmas    Happy New Year    Happy Hanukkah    Happy Yule    

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