29 December 2011

Poem: Dearheart Friend

Dearheart Friend
By Abby Weyr
July 1995 first two stanzas
Rest Jan 1996

Please, be not afraid
You are free to come or go.
My love for you binds me to you,
            not you to me.
I ask only to be treated with
            respect, courtesy and honesty
            as you have.

Please, be not afraid.
Come take my hand to share
            some time together.
You are welcomed into my life
share what you will of yours.

We joined hands and built bridges
            crossing more than water.
We traveled near and far, up and
            down, in and out;
Opening doors to healing peace,
            joy and love.

There have been disappointments, but
            mainly times have been good.
Through all this we have grown
            in love as friends.
But now we are close to the
            far side of a bridge.

Please, I am afraid.
The water rushes by and you
            are ahead.
My side of bridge is not yet
            done and
Once across our paths will
            part even more.

Please I am afraid.
I pray our love and friendship
            will keep paths open between us;
If not physically, then in heart
            And mind.
Taking my hand you help me
            Finish and cross.

Please, be at peace, I am now.
We have cried and laughed
            away the hurt
Let us go forward not alone,
            separate and together
Knowing the joy of having a
            friend in each other.

I love you, my dearheart friend.

1 comment:

  1. This is a very moving poem Pam! I seems so familiar as to many of my friends and my situations; especially since I keep moving to different places. Now I need to go and read "about Dearheart friend" Thank you for sharing this I think I will share this with a few of my other friends!
    Love CJ