31 July 2013

Richly Blessed - Forks Trip Update

I've been richly blessed this week. Monday I got a call from the Forks Motel. They had a cancellation for SMD weekend, was I interested? Three queen beds and kitchen. Cost is $10 more a night than the room in Port Angeles, so....yes! Reservation confirmed for Thursday to Monday. Now to find people to share it with. 

Talked with one person here in California....still a maybe. Hope she can join me for the whole trip. Need to send message to one of ones on the FiF roommie list. 

On Tuesday I found info on an old employer retirement account that indicated it was still open. I thought I had closed it earlier this year. So called them and faxed paperwork this morning to close out the account and get cash into bank account. That will cover the trip and new camera. Also donated to a couple of Kickstarter projects. 

Really feel the trip is coming together well and is meant to be. I'm not even being my usual down side person and waiting for 'other shoe to drop'. Staying here and enjoying the time. Praise the Lord! for the attitude shift. Want to get another project stage 1 done and then go look for digital SLR.


23 July 2013

Review of An Unexpected Woman by Sandi Layne

This was a very delightful read. The cover picture really fits the story. The two main characters, Shelley and Mark, laugh a lot together and with other characters – Semper Gumby and TDH. They have their serious moments too, but joy in life is the prevailing feeling. They are both people of faith and that faith is shown in the way they invite the Lord into their daily lives. There are prayers in their hearts and minds as they go about their work a day lives. This is how so many people of faith that I know go about their lives and it is great to read a novel that shows that aspect. It is also great to read a modern romance novel where the characters keep to a higher standard in their relationship. They do run into a bump in the road of romance and it points out how Mark was a bit unbalanced in his faith at least in one aspect of his life – relies too much, too far on the Lord forgetting how we need to do all that we can to prepare and rely on the Lord for the rest. It is then that Mark realizes who Shelley is to him.  The final sexy scene is the best! Well worth the price of the book.

16 July 2013

With Faith in the Lord Going to Forks Washington for Stephenie Meyer Day

The end of June I started thinking, praying, and looking into going this year to Forks Washington for Stephenie Meyer Day 12-15 September. Things started coming together, Sunday at church I got a really clear answer to prayer about it….good to go. There are actually two things going on this year. Forever in Forks (FiF) is having their annual big weekend there 13-15 September. They change location and weekend every year. A nice idea so one may have a chance to not travel so far. The City of Forks has Stephenie Meyer Day (SMD) around Bella’s birthday of 13 September. They have their first activity on Thursday 12 September and end on Saturday the 14th. Web sites for FiF, SMD, Project Thank You and Forks Washington are at bottom.

Forever in Forks announced back in March the dates and motel arrangements, so you know by now all rooms are taken in Forks. I did call and ask to make sure and checked motel reservation on-line sites for availability. So picked a place in Port Angeles and made reservations. FiF has a ‘looking for roomie’ tab. Sent some messages out…replies came back with roommates already found. So room will be bigger expense than would like, but…still going. One person is still a remote possibility. One of my usual pre-readers is a possible travel companion.

I am planning on two weeks total. Plan to take long slow drive along the coast as much as possible. Taking cameras and will likely stop lots to take pictures. Pre-reader suggested looking for agates at one place…sounds fun and different. I’ve never been rock hunting that I remember. So my pre-reader, if she can make it, would join me for the travels not just SMD and Twilight sites. I’ve told her I’m flexible on plans to be shorter for her part if need to be for the trip to fit her schedule. It would be fun to have a travel companion for any part of the trip.

Meeting people is one reason for deciding to go whole hog and get the full FiF package deal. A number of meals are included, so think it will be worth it. I’ve not actually read about any past SMD events for how many people are there. Figure lots. The FiF seems like it might be a little more controlled and limited number of people at one time. Big crowds tend to put me into shy observe mode. I want to meet and talk to people who are fans of Twilight and Stephenie Meyer, not observe them. Even with fewer people I’ll still likely need to get out of my usual reserve self. ‘Party Abby’ will need to be there.

One reason for going this year is the 10 year anniversary of Ms Meyer’s dream that became Twilight. It seems the perfect time to go. It has only been 3.5 years since I first read the books and discovered fan sites and fan fiction. My interest in Twilight isn’t waning, but I am reallocating time spent on Twilight and spending more time on other interests. Being forced into early retirement from my primary profession, I have the free time if not a lot of money to go this year.

Having a good digital camera would be really nice for the trip to download daily and see how doing as go along. It would also save money on processing film and printing pictures. My little compact point-n-shoot digital doesn’t always give me the picture I want or the one I think I’m taking – my eye focus is the part of the problem, looks good on the screen, but full size on computer not good at all. The camera auto-focus isn’t focusing on what I want it to or think it is focused on. I am starting to think it is time to upgrade to digital SLR where I can really see and make sure focus on what I want.

In an effort to clean out condo / downsize collectibles and help finance this trip and camera upgrade I will be selling some of my collectible items – Star Trek movie poster set in silver, large Enterprise model, several Christmas ornaments. 

There are lots of reason I should not be going on this trip and other things I should be doing and other things I should be spending money on – lack of funds in general due to forced early retirement, family history project for nieces and nephews, cleaning out house, learning about alternative health options especially essential oils and building doTerra business. There is one reason to go – it just feels like the right thing to do, spiritually and temporally. Maybe that is one of things to get out of Twilight: sometimes it does not matter what you should do, more important is what feels right to do. With faith in the Lord, I am proceeding with this trip.