21 August 2013

Forks Trip Planning Update 2

Not much happening this past week. My SMDs T-shirt arrived Monday. There are some nice details on it that don’t show up well in picture when ordered. There is a red pawn, white queen, a red nearly torn ribbon, some claw marks, Cullen lion and feathers floating around the logo. Hopefully the Forever in Forks T-shirt arrives soon. I found a purple polo shirt rather than a T-shirt on sale for Mrs Cope costume. Bella doesn’t mention what slacks or skirt she was wearing, so I can make that up – conservative or outrageous. The books about Forks that I ordered from the Chamber of Commerce arrived late last week. Some enjoyable reading and pretty pictures too. Speaking of pictures I ordered a digital SLR camera and lens. I finished my thank you letter and added my 'Solace' poem and got that in mail for the Project Thank You. Found some fancy paper to put the poem on, ended up looking nice.  I’m still working on setting up meeting with some people about doTerra. Once have that the schedule can be settled. 


  1. Sounds like you are getting all organized, and ready to go.

    1. I'm trying...add to post that the car is now scheduled for regular maintenance next week. Already looking at new tire prices and best deals just in case. Can't go to rainy weather place with nearly worn tires.