16 July 2015

Comments on the Twilight Storytellers films

After having a voice in whom the main character would be, the script, and the director, we finally have the films to view and vote on. There were six (6) scripts judged to proceed to director pitches. A director was chosen for each script to proceed and film. One wild card film was selected for the final group to put to public vote. There were a total of nine (9) films submitted to the panel for judging, we have seven (7) to view and vote on. Here is the link for Tongal to view and vote: https://tongal.com/twilight.  Voting started on Tuesday 14 July and runs for one (1) week.

Before getting to my comments on each one, I want to thank all who participated. It is apparent that much time and effort was put into each film. Best wishes to all.

In alphabetical order here are my comments on each of the seven (7) films.

Consumed, a Jane story
I don’t get the imagery while she is hurting others, especially when she is at the stake to be burned as a witch. Everything feels very canon. I hope they just used cool air to ‘kill’ the butterfly. Aro was creepy good when first introduced to the twins. His sudden disappearance and Jane’s side long look back was great. It was neat to see a member of the Olympic Coven in the crowd scene as twins were to burn. Such a sweet young lady yelling at the twins while at the stake added to the creepiness. The end was well done.

Groundskeeper, an Alice story
This was well done and creepy, but something felt off about it. My recollection is that James was alone when he came for Alice, however someone commented that Victoria was around as a distraction. I can’t find my Illustrated Guide to check on it one way or other. I liked the interaction between the groundskeeper and Alice, but the room was too big and too light from what I recall of description. The fight scene didn’t flow well for me. Maybe it was meant to be choppy. Maybe my recollection of the details makes this feel so off for me.

The Mary Alice Brandon File, an Alice story
The falling rain and falling pearls imagery was wonderful. Using the doctor’s notes in her file was nice. The doctor’s pipe smoke drifting over Alice as move to a memory was cool. All of the transitions to Alice’s memories were smooth and clear. The actress seems too tall for adult Alice, even if really only saw her laying down on the treatment table or curled in on herself. She did a good job of portraying Alice slowly loosing memory and trying to hold on as she has the repeated shock treatments. I liked her side glance at the end, mischievous childlike nature clearly there. The end credits done over the hospital window was neat.

Masque, an Esme story and wild card
Her struggle with newborn bloodlust was well done. Her entrance into the ball with the beating hearts and people with masques on was excellent. I do think Edward should have been there with her until met up with Carlisle. Esme was initially not going to attend so Carlisle had gone earlier. Esme’s flashbacks were a little hard to follow as flashbacks. Her strong mothering instinct was brought out along with bloodlust when the host’s daughter ran out and he followed her to ‘discipline’ her.

Sunrise, a Benjamin and Tia story
Great use of the sunrise in background imagery throughout the film. Loved the end credits presentation. Interesting to see them initially meet as orphaned children. The fire effects were good. Interesting at the end going from his eyes to her eyes as her choice is made and done.

Turncoats, a Garrett and Carlisle story
Great dry humor lines from all but the soldiers. Good looking actors for Carlisle and Garrett. Some interesting close up camera shots of the wounds and sewing it up after removing the musket balls. Nice use of period language from the nurse.

We’ve Met Before, an Alice and Jasper story
Big hair problems – Alice’s was too long and Jasper’s too short. The music did not fit in my opinion. I’m pretty sure canon says that they did not stay in the diner. The overall feel was off for me on this one. 

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