12 February 2015

Links for Forever Twilight in Forks and Olympic Coven

The organizers of Forever Twilight in Forks have made arrangements for five (5) members of the Olympic Coven to appear at Forever Twilight in Forks (formerly known as Stephenie Meyer Day). There are fan started fundraising efforts to have three (3) other members and possibly an additional two (2) to attend as well. The five currently scheduled are Edward, Bella, Emmett, Rosalie, and Alice. Next three wanted are Carlise, Esme, and Victoria. The additional two are Nessie and Jacob. The actor portraying Jasper has separated from the OC.

This first link is to an Indiegogo campaign to get the next three to Forks :

This link is for a Teespring campaign, OC crest on front with Forks 2015 on the back :

Added 16 Feb: Win a dance with a Cullen details at 

This link is for the Stephenie Meyer Day/ OC designs on Redbubble – Tshirts, prints, cards, etc :

This is the link for the Facebook page for information on SMD/OC :

This is a link to the Facebook page for the Forks Chamber of Commerce open page on Forever Twilight in Forks :

The specific page with the schedule first released in February

The links for the web page of Forks Chamber of Commerce Forever Twilight in Forks schedule

and general announcement :

Other links
Twitter: forever_forks
Pinterest: forever_forks
Instagram: forevertwilightinforks
Tumblr: forevertwilightinforks.tumblr.com

Updated 16 Feb with Win a dance with a Cullen

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