12 February 2015

Links for Olympic Coven

Olympic Coven:

Alice Cullen:
Vee Elle as Alice Cullen

This is a link to a video diary from Vee Elle as Alice Cullen, episode 1

episode 2: 

Bella Swan:
Christilynn as Bella

Bella’s Closet

Bree Tanner:
Jacqueline as Bree

Carlisle Cullen:
Cay Percifield as Carlisle Cullen

Edward Cullen:
Alan as Edward

Emmett Cullen:
Travis as Emmett

Esme Cullen:
Tori Giles as Esme Cullen

Renesmee Cullen:
Samantha as Nessie

Rosalie Cullen:
Brynna as Rosalie

Doppelganger Cosplay

Updated 16 Feb with episode 2 of Alice diary to Bella

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