02 February 2015

Poem: Charlie and Sue

Part of the Twilight Saga Couples Series

Charlie and Sue

Second Time Around
By Abby Weyr February 2015

Sue lost her husband
When both children became
Shape shifters.

Charlie helped her with arrangements,
Fixing things around the home
And unknowingly with two
Teenage shape shifters.

He gained a full time teenage daughter
For 20 months until she married so young.
Then he found out about the
Surrounding supernatural beings.

She helped him adjust to this
New knowledge.
She explained tribal history
The treaty with the Cold Ones.

They knew each other since childhood
First loves were with others
Now together they can be
Wolf Mom and Vampire Dad.

Love the second time around
Freely given binding together
Wolves and vampires as
Part of one extended family.

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