27 January 2015

The Olympic Coven, Cosplayers

This is an expansion of what I posted on Facebook already. That started off as the final paragraph of my review and report on the Cullens’ Winter Escape event. The Olympic Coven (OC) deserves their own post on my blog. The OC is a group of actors that cosplay the characters from the Twilight Sage books. Cosplay with screen accurate costumes/hair and developing the character in ways to spontaneous interact with others of the group and the fans.

The book Twilight changed my life as it has for a lot of other people. The Olympic Coven has added to that change. Twilight is an emotional experience. Seeing the OC bring to life the characters is something of an emotional experience. Personally I’m not interested in interacting with the characters, but I love watching them interact among themselves and other fans. They act like a family, sibling teasing, parental monitoring at times. They are lively and fun and warm and caring to each other and the fans.

This group knows how to walk the line of being the character and being themselves when interacting with fans. Travis would never say some of the stupid thoughtless things that could pop out of Emmett’s mouth. Christilynn and Brynna are both a little standoffish in a way, but that is their character of Bella and Rosalie. Bella is shy, doesn’t want attention. Rosalie is fierce and protective and intimidating. Both actors show that side while also being open to talking with fans. Alan and Josh as Edward and Jasper do much the same. Travis is Emmett, fun and a big teddy bear with good hugs. Vee is Alice, very lively and enthusiastic and so much fun to watch and listen to her and Travis banter as siblings. Cay and Tori, for 2014, and the actors that portrayed Carlisle and Esme in 2013, are the calm around which the rest swirl. They are proper and stern and loving as Carlisle and Esme. Katie as Victoria is awesome. That stare will freeze anyone, never guess that Katie is an ER nurse. Those are the one I’ve had the most interaction or watched the most.

The two young ones I did not watch that much and only interacted once with them. Jacqueline as Bree managed that confused and fearful appearance. Samantha as Renesmee looked sweet and self confident. 

Stephenie Meyer Day 2013 was my introduction to Staci Chastain and the Olympic Coven. I don’t know much about the history before that. As a former con runner, I recognized Ms Chastain as the one in charge of getting and keeping the OC on time for their various appearances at SMD and being the one that made the arrangements for those appearances. There were some opportunities to talk with her that first year and off and on since then. She has done a marvelous job of gathering the cast members and associated staff for hair, makeup, and individual handlers; then working with some businesses in Forks to arrange appearances of the OC. They act like they’ve been together for longer than they have, especially with the new arrivals in 2014.

Some say that the cosplayers distract from the author and book celebration at Forks Washington. I think for most even if they don’t interact with the cast, the actors add to the experience of visiting any Twilight Saga site, be it Forks, St Helens, Portland area, or Vancouver BC area. They can’t move at vampire speed and they do need to eat human food, but seeing them together in the locations mentioned in the books adds a touch of magic.

I’ve worked at some media cons in the past and I’ve been to a lot of events with historical reenactors. I have not seen a group do such a wonderful consistent job at portraying the characters while also interacting with fans. They have brought a touch of magic to my life.

While this post is about the Olympic Coven, I cannot fail to mention that there were some other serious cosplayers that added to the magic at SMD 2014 and at CWE 2015. They are included in the list at bottom.

The future of the Olympic Coven is kind of up in the air currently. I am thankful I was able to attend the Cullens’ Winter Escape as that may be their last appearance together. I hope not. More people should have the opportunity of seeing them in action. A big Thank You to the cast for all your work, for giving up time from your life to entertain us, for money out of own pocket to be at these events, for that touch of magic.

Olympic Coven cast for SMD 2014 and * CWE 2015
*Alice Cullen – Vee Elle, Facebook – Vee Elle as Alice Cullen
*Bella Swan – Christilynn Swan, Facebook – Christilynn Swan
Bree Tanner – Jacqueline Brown, Facebook - Jacqueline as Bree new character for 2014
*Carlisle Cullen – Cay Percifield, Facebook – Cay Percifield as Carlisle Cullen
*Edward Cullen – Alan Mitchell, Facebook – Alan as Edward
*Emmett Cullen – Travis Shoaf, Facebook – Travis as Emmett
*Esme Cullen – Tori Giles, Facebook – Tori Giles as Esme Cullen
James – James Taylor
*Jasper Whitlock Hale – Josh Goff, Facebook – Josh Goff Productions
Renesmee Cullen – Samantha Baldwin, Facebook – Samantha as Nessie
*Rosalie Hale – Brynna Rowan, Facebook – Brynna as Rosalie or Doppelganger Cosplay
*Victoria – Katie Quinn Thornton, Facebook - Katie as Victoria

Other cos players
*New Moon Aro – Aro Maida
BD Alec – Robert Blair
*BD Aro – Shandra Mutchie, Facebook – Aro Romero Verispuci
BD Jane – Tiffany Lynn

CWE others:
Larkin Nash – Rene Swan, The Cullen Cars
Bryant Davis – Charlie Swan, Facebook – Russell Varon Cosplay

SMD 2013 cast had Jacob there and different Carlisle, Esme, and Rosalie.

Olympic Coven + visitors SMD2014

Olympic Coven + visitor CWE 2015

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