24 May 2012

Story Recommendation Memorial Day part 2

Monday 28 May 2012 is the day we set aside to honor and remember our fallen military men and women, Memorial Day. It use to be 30 May no matter what day of the week, but changed so always the last Monday in May. People now seem to concentrate on the long weekend aspect and forget why we have the holiday. My father was in the Air Force, my brother in the Army, an Uncle in Navy, two cousins in Navy/Marine Corps and I was in the Air Force. Memorial Day, July 4, and Veterans Day are important days not just for the day off from work. Remember and honor those that have fallen defending our freedom as you go about the holiday weekend festivities. Safe and enjoyable weekend to all.

Here is the story recommendation to honor Memorial Day. Not exactly canon story as we know Carlisle didn't return to London, but a 'what if' he had story. 

Abide With Me by latessitrice
When the Blitz begins, Carlisle returns to London to offer what help he can to his home town. One chapter complete, T rating

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  1. Definitely a good one for Memorial Day!

    I think one of the reasons Twilight is popular with so many ages is that it's deeper than just a teenage love story. Carlisle's views, and philosophical discussions with Edward, underlay the whole story as to why things were done the way they were.