03 May 2012

Author: Andre Norton

I thought I would start writing about some authors, why I like their stories, highlighting some particular favorites. First up is Andre Norton since part of my pen name is a tribute to her.

Andre Norton was the first science fiction author I read. The story was Star Man's Son. It is the first story I remember specifically reading. I read lots of things before that, but this is the first book I remember specifically. I had been reading lots of books for years but don't remember titles or authors.  There were the usual variety of series books like Bobbsy Twins, Nancy Drew, Hardy Boys, Tom Swift Jr books before picking up Andre Norton's book when I was about 8 years old. It was likely 'borrowed' from my brother's room. It captured my attention. I went looking for other books by her along with reading other authors and other topics too. Elementary school had a summer reading contest, don't remember winning, but did read a lot.

Most of her books are fantasy / science fiction - coming of age, adventure stories. There are some mysteries involved in some. There are a few here on earth romance novels with supernatural aspects. A few historical fantasies are part of her body of work. Most are young adult books. She has a number of different series she wrote. Best know are likely the Witch World books and Solar Queen books.

I enjoyed the books in my youth and at my advance age still do. It seems to me that the lessons taught in coming of age stories need to be retaught later in life at times.  Maybe it is just to remember them better after being cluttered over with other life experiences, clearer and simpler reminders. All of the stories are clean, hardly any kissing. She has female and male main characters - sometimes as one person alone, sometimes a couple kind of thrown together suddenly, sometimes groups working together.

Some of the female characters start off the story in an Abbey, as orphans or otherwise abandoned by society. So Abby is a tribute to her.

Of special interest to me were the ones working with animals, especially cats, that would be able to communicate with human companions. I really like cats, but can not have any due to allergies, so reading about them is next best thing. Growing up our family pets were dogs because Mom didn't like cats. She had good reason beside allergic.

There are no favorites - love most all of them. There are a couple of really dark stories that didn't like so much. I've not taken a look at list of books to actually note down how many I've read, not all of them, but most. I recommend any of the books to anyone age 8 and older. I've passed along my collection of paperback books to the Santos Fire Relief. Ms Santos is a Twilight Mom, book blogger, etc who lost her home to fire earlier this year. The word was put out to stock a new book collection for her and her family. I hope the Andre Norton books will become beloved by them as they were by me.

link to an Andre Norton web site:  http://www.andre-norton.org/

link to Santos Relief:  https://www.facebook.com/pages/Santos-House-Fire-Relief/180505755384026


  1. I don't know that I have read any of Andre Norton's books maybe I should... with my Nephew this summer. thanks for suggesting it.

    1. Solar Queen series is a good place to start for adventure. Witch World series if like a little magic in the mix. Forerunner series or Beast Master series if you like the animal team idea. The web link has a page with listing by series. I still have a few books here if interested I can ship. Take care.