01 May 2012

Story Recommendation for Mother's Day

Happy May Day! In honor of Mother's Day being this month the highlighted stories will be about Esme Cullen and a couple of stories about soldiers for Memorial Day.

The first story is a multi-chapter story entitled A Mother's Choice by dsolo. It covers the time from from birth of her son to end of Breaking Dawn from her point of view. It has been a while since I read the story. I found it enjoyable hearing from an alternate character's point of view. She saw things that Bella and Edward didn't. As I recall the characters and story are canon. No major complaints about how it was written that I recall. It is complete at 45 chapters, rated PG13. The link is to Ramblings and Thoughts, Twilight Fan Fiction and Art web site.

The second story is an one chapter story submitted to The Canon Tour, http://thecanontour.tumblr.com/ for main page and http://www.fanfiction.net/u/3041014 for the story collection site. 

The story taking place during New Moon is by Katmom, Letters from Esme - a mother's love (and meddling) knows no bounds. Unbeknownst to Edward, Esme stays in touch with Bella. It is rated T. Does reference 'shouty caps'. The link is 

The Canon Tour should be having the Eclipse round starting this month. The previous time frames have already been covered. Check out the other stories, all are canon. There are some very good stories.  

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