20 August 2011

Poem: Carlisle and Esme

Carlisle and Esme
By abbyweyr June 2011
Based on TWS by Stephenie Meyer
Sweet sixteen Esme Platt
Broke her leg falling out of a tree.
She met Dr Carlisle Cullen
As he set her leg.

She was entranced by the handsome
Blond haired doctor with British accent
And cold hands that felt so good
On broken leg.

He left the area soon after.
Was there a reason why?
Did he think of her
During those passing years?

Ten years later they meet again.
He was working in the morgue that night.
She is thought to be dead
From falling off cliff after newborn baby died.

He heard her still beating heart.
He remembered the sweet sixteen girl
Falling out of tree breaking just a leg.
This time so much more is broken.

His doctor skills alone will not help.
He quickly decides to give her a
Second life with a bite to neck
To start healing and the change.

She burns for three days.
She imagines she is in hell
For leaving abusive husband
And jumping off a cliff.

Carlisle by her side while she burns
To comfort as much as possible.
She remembers from long ago
The handsome doctor.
She sees and hears him vaguely,
Thinks that it is nothing more
Than the day dreams she has had
For these passing years.

She wakes to a new life
With the dream doctor
A reality by her side
To tell her she is now

A vampire.

She is confused as a newborn.
He is confused as her sire.
Was there something more
To his reasons to change her?

What were his motives for
Giving her a second life?
Edward his companion for
Two years wonders the same thing.

He hears their thoughts;
Sees their feelings develop
For each other,
But they deny them.

Carlisle alone for so long
Is unsure what he feels.
Does not know what to do.
He watches her shyly.

Esme as a newborn vampire
Needs time to adjust without
Added emotional turmoil;
Or so he thinks.

He tries to keep a respectful
Distance between them
As he and Edward teach her
About being a vampire.

Esme remembers the day dreams
Of the handsome doctor
From her youthful days;
A standard suitors never met.

Esme adjusts to being in the
Cullen coven drinking animal blood.
They slowly realize their feelings
Of love are mutual.

Perhaps mind reading Edward
Helped along the way.
Carlisle and Esme, eternal mates
No longer alone.

What started as one alone
Became two as father and son;
Then a family of three
Bound by love freely given.

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