16 August 2011

The last Web site info posting

Last part of web sites info for now.  Poems later this week.  I recently added four web sites on the list.  I am not overly familiar with any of these.

LDS Church - Mormon.org has information for non-members about The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.  I am a member and haven't visited this site. 

Page to Premiere.com follows popular books once picked up to be made into films to their premiere.  This started off with Twilight and Harry Potter and the founder decided to expand it.  Nicely done site. 

Good Reads is a book recommendation site.  A friend recommend this one and looks interesting.  I do need to read something else besides Twilight Saga books and fan fiction. 

Fictionators is a Twilight fan fiction review site.  They post teasers to stories along with reviews.  There is an archived list of stories that they have recommended.  There are apparently special columns posted each day of week.  Virginia May posted teasers to two stories I'm following is how I found this and haven't explored much of the site as yet. 

Update 12 September 2011:  Looked around and read some things on the Fictionators site.  I found the use of vulgar language too frequent and inappropriate.  I have removed them from the web site list.

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