20 August 2011

Poem: Emmett and Rosalie

Emmett and Rosalie
By abbyweyr June 2011
Based on TWS by Stephenie Meyer

Emmett went hunting meat for his family.
Rosalie went hunting animal blood for her.
Emmett found a bear that decided to have
Him for dinner instead of being dinner.

Rosalie smelled the blood.
The bear didn’t have a chance.
Emmett saw an angel
Then was flying in her arms.

There was something about him
That drew Rosalie to
Run 100 miles with a bloody
Emmett in her arms.

She wasn’t happy with her existence
But there was something about him.
She asked Carlisle to change him
To save him for her

She stayed at his side while he burned.
He thought she was an angel in hell
When he woke to the new life as a vampire
He was fine being with his beautiful angel.

They were a matched pair
Balancing each other so well.
She had the attention she needed
He had a beautiful angel all his own.

He made her laugh.
Her life was lighter with him.
They became a mated pair
The second in the Cullen family.

The Cullen vampire family
Two couples and one single
One family of five
Bound by love freely given.

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