20 August 2011

Poem: Alice and Jasper

Alice and Jasper
By abbyweyr June 2011
Based on TWS books by Stephenie Meyer

She woke a lone vampire
Not knowing who or what she was.
She had visions of a blond haired man
Who was to be her love, her mate.

She had visions of a yellow eyed vampire family;
She longed to be a part of that family.
First she had to find her mate so
They could join family together.

He was the youngest Major in Confederate Army.
Found and turned by a vampire to be
Commander of her vampire army;
To claim human cattle as feeding fields.

He knew blood and battle.
There was passion for the one who turned him.
Time and emotions wore him out.
He broke free of vampire army.

She learned to hunt animals to be like the
Yellow eyed vampire family of five.
He hunted humans, becoming lost;
Price was getting too much to pay.

She was searching and waiting for him
Saw visions of him, but would miss
Being in right place at right time.

He was searching for peace from the
Emotional torment of hunting humans;
Without knowing it also looking for her.

Her visions became clearer.
They were closer to becoming reality.
She knew they would be together
And that he was clueless.

A rainy night in Philadelphia
The time was right for the two.
He found the diner to get out of rain.
She approached him as soon as he entered.

Battle scarred Jasper felt new emotions
From the petite pixie approaching him,
Calmed his wariness of this stranger.
He felt his own hope for first time.

She had waited 28 years.
He had existed for 85 years.
Now he found his mate and
Began to live.

They left that diner together.
She shared her vision of
Yellow eyed family of five.
For two years they searched.

The Cullen vampire family of five
Became family of seven;
Three mated couples and one single
Bound by love freely given.

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