23 August 2011

Poem: That Piece

That Piece
By abbyweyr June 2011
Based on A Coming of Age by Elise Shaw, Chapter 12

First time at Chicago Symphony
Father put me on his lap so
I could watch and hear.
It was captivating, especially
That piece.

Asked for piano lessons
That were denied until
Tried to pick out by ear
That piece.

Years later practicing
Mother called me to get
Our doctor for father.
I was practicing
That piece.

Did not know at the time
That was last Human time
Touched the piano keys and it was
That piece.

A few years later a night out
With Carlisle and Esme
Hear another orchestra
They played
That piece

My worlds collided that night
Past and present and future
Tsunami waves of memories connected to
That piece

Emotions erupted with disastrous results
Pent up and denied for so long
Anger, hurt, loss, and thirst all boiled up
New memory, new loss to connect to
That piece.

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