20 August 2011

About Poems: Twilight Couples

As promised back to posting poems.  The earlier poems I wrote without preview help.  They were posted on Ramblings and Thoughts and Fanfiction.net.  They were being read and reviewed, even marked as favorites.  One early review after just the first two mentioned looking forward to more.  That encouraged me to write some more and the next batch came about.  I was having some problems with these couple poems and wanted some preview help.  I asked one of the regular reviews of my poems on R&T to preview and beta them and asked a friend for the same help.  Christine and Karen helped make all of these poems better and hopefully all future ones too.  Thank you ladies for the assistance and encouragement.

I am putting this "About" in the middle of a set of four poems about the Twilight Couples.  So far I've only done the Cullens.  There are other couples and I am thinking about those, but nothing has come together yet.

After doing the Alice, Twilight Lexicon and Stephenie poems I thought about what next to write on.  There are two authors writing stories about Carlisle and Esme's early years.  These stories are wonderful in same way as Singularity and the original saga.  So I started thinking about Carlisle and Esme as a couple and thought maybe I could do a poem for each Twilight couple.  Hope you enjoy.  Comments are greatly appreciated.

There are links to these Carlisle and Esme stories on the right side:
No Longer Alone by Elise Shaw
A Coming of Age by Elise Shaw
Stained Glass Soul by Mackenzielle    this is Esme's point of view
Behind Stained Glass by Mackenzielle   these chapters are Carlisle's or Edward's pov

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