14 August 2011

Information about fan fiction sites, R&T and FFN

Part 3 of web site info posts, after this back to poems.

There are two fan fiction sites that my Twilight poems are posted on and that I read regularly - RamblingsandThoughts.com and FanFiction.net.  There are others sites out there, I'm just limiting the black hole of time to two sites.  They are very different sites.

R&T is my favorite site.  It has old pod casts - Forkcasts, link to Twilight Lexicon, fan fiction writing tips, fan fiction, link to Twilight Lexicon forums, and blog.  I have not yet listened to the podcasts.  TL and forums are already on favorites lists.  The writing tips are useful.  It has been awhile since I looked at the blog part.  My recollection is that one entry is how the administrator, Openhome, started writing rather than painting - interesting story.

The fan fiction stories are canon or close to and they are rated PG13 or lower. The stories tend to be missing scenes, times not covered in the books at all - the summers and back stories, same as books but from different character's point of view - Edward being the most popular.  It is a nice clean safe place to read canon stories.  Some of the humorous ones are a little or whole lot over the top on the characters, but that is to be expected for the parody and humor.  There are categories listed so if you want story in a particular book, you can find them easily.  There are a small number of Alternate Universe stories.  There are some poems, lots besides mine.  The summaries are good.  The stories are well written, good grammar and spelling and editing.  That is not to say they are perfect.  There are still typo's and occasionally misused words.  Spell check doesn't work so well for correctly spelled sound alike words.

You do need to register to be able to leave a review.  Anyone can read the reviews.  I try to write them so as to not give anything away in the story in case someone reads the reviews before reading the story [which I do sometimes].  The stats - number of reviews, number of readers, are easily available.  There is a place to look if the story is completed or not.  Word count and number of chapters are also shown.  The author's response to reviews are available to read for everyone.  All the authors say they read the reviews, some reply some don't.  Reviews are the only way author knows if you have actually read or just visited and passed on by.  Reviews help the author improve their writing and the story.

Fan Fiction.net is for books, tv shows, movies, comics, etc.  On the home page you make your selection and go from there.  There are Mature rated stories.  The summaries sometime are bad.  The stories are sometimes bad.  The stories are all over the place - canon, AU, all human (AH), TWS fantasy stories.  Anyone at any age can post stories - that includes preteens.  There are stories in other languages.  If you are looking for a particular story, best to already have the URL or look for it by author name.  Story title is not a search options.  The option labeled story is for story content.  You do not need to register to leave a review for some stories/authors.  The author's response is not available for anyone to read, not nice of FFN in my opinion.  The replies are sent via private message.  There are some really good stories as well.  There are communities that gather stories according to number of reviews, recommended by TWM or TL or someone in particular.  I think the different fanfic awards have own communities so you can read the stories that won and / or nominated.  What I have started doing is looking at the favorite lists of authors I like and checking out those stories and authors.  If you register you can sign up for story alerts when updated.

It is kind of fun to read a story like a serial on weekly basis or whatever time frame the author is using.  Reminds me of the old serials before the Saturday matinee feature.  Frustrating at times when left on a cliff.  You can look at the whole list of author's stories and get an idea if they will finish or not.  Most authors write notes at start and end of each chapter, you get to know the author to some degree.

There is a link on TL site for another fanfic site - Twilighted.  I have visited a couple of times and leave rather quickly; I feel very uncomfortable just looking at their home page.  There are very explicit sex stories on that site.  You do have to register for over 18 years old to get access to those stories.

Have a great week!

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