30 July 2011

Poem: Stephenie Meyer

Stephenie Meyer, Twilight
By abbyweyr June 2011
A tribute to TWS author based on known history

Stephenie woke up from a dream:
A couple in a beautiful meadow
She a chocolate eyed beauty
He a sparkly vampire

He was thirsty for her blood
But overrode that thirst for
The thirst of knowing her
Of being with her

She was mystified by him
It was stupid and possibly dangerous
But she didn’t want to resist
She trusted him to keep her safe

Stephanie wrote the rest of the story
And then how they got to the meadow
Shared it with her sister who
Encouraged her to publish

That was the beginning of Twilight
Three books followed the first
Then the movies and another
Book along with Official Guide

The stories told of Bella and Edward
Of their choices made and
Consequences followed
Jacob made it a love triangle

Through it all the three
Survived and love flourished
Human, shape shifters and the good
Sparkly vampires live together.

We thank you Stephenie and your
Sister for encouraging you to share
Your dream story, adding sparkly
Vampire romance to our lives

We thank you for wonderful characters
And their fascinating stories
That you allow us to play with as long as
We play nice with proper disclaimers included.

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