16 July 2011

Settling In

I've learned a lot in looking around at other blog support sites.  This is not working out as I had hoped, but I think it will be most acceptable on this site.  I really wanted to have each poem on its own static page, Blogger only allows 10 static pages and I have more than 10 poems.  The format on the static page is always left justified and that doesn't always work for the poems.

So what I will be doing instead is each poem will be a post in main part of blog with post title Poem: poem title, then I'll likely post separately some comments about the poem with post title About Poem poem title.  I will use one of the static pages to list the poems with posted dates and summary. The archives will keep the posts available.  I hope that will be sufficient for readers to find a specific poem later.

I am going to leave the early posts including the test one.  My plans are to post two to three times a week after this initial batch of poems already written.  For those that visit I hope you enjoy the poems and other writings.  Your comments are welcomed.

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