04 July 2011

Investigating blog hosting sites

I am seriously considering stopping this blog here due to limit of 10 static pages.  I found a YouTube video on expanding number of pages and seems like really too much trouble.  So I am investigating other blog hosting sites.  WordPress.com and LiveJournal.com and then maybe some lesser known ones.  I just want simple easy to use, but with ability to have each poem on its own static page.  I posted the rest of poems to R&T and ff.net over the past couple of days.  Sent last one actually written to Karen and Christine for review.  Then need to think of what write about next.  More TWS couples or something else.  One of my documents is list of ideas.  See what comes to mind as think about it.  So far they have written themselves as the thoughts collect words.  Then I put it down and figure out if looks, sounds good and adjust.  Usually an hour or two after I've sent it for review I come up with changes.  I try to wait a day or two to see if anything more comes to mind and still shortly after send it...ideas come.  sigh with big shoulder shrug.  I'm not going to post any more poems on this site until decided if continue to move elsewhere.  Happy 4 July!

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