16 July 2011

Poem: Choices

By abbyweyr May 2011
Inspired by Twilight Saga novels by Stephenie Meyer and fan fiction

Some things just happen
Nothing you can do can change
What has happened

You make decisions,
How you react to
What has happened

You choose
How you think about
What has happened

There are always choices
No matter
What has happened

Some choices will be
Mistakes will happen

Perhaps a painful lesson, but
They can be corrected and
Outcome changed

Some choices will be
With desired results

Some choices will
With results

There are consequences
No matter what

Will indecision paralyze you
Will joy lead you forward
Will sadness fog your path
Will anger cloud your judgment
Will compassion be your guide
Will arrogance poison your dealings

Will envy color your life
Will revenge be your goal
Will temptation be denied

Will visions become reality
Will over analysis delay you
Will regret haunt your future

Will fear hold you back
Will curiosity lead you astray
Will wonder be your friend

Will hope be your companion
Will faith light your way
Will love be your redemption

Will instinct or thought or love
Overcome all to win
Will a balance be found

What we are can not be changed
But that does not
Make us who we are

Choices we make defines
Who we are
Who we will become

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