18 July 2011

Poem: Alice

By abbyweyr May 2011
Based on Singularity by Openhome

Alice woke up all alone
Not knowing who or what
She was or now is.

She had a vision of a
Blonde haired man,
Knew he was her love.

She had another vision of a
Family, first two, then three
Then one more and one final one.

That family was another goal;
But first had to find the
Blonde haired man, Jasper.

She fed on instinct
Not knowing how or why;
Not liking what she saw after.

Found an empty school,
Learned her letters, numbers
Geography and history.

Decided to follow example
From the family to feed on animals,
So that she could join that family.

As wandering alone she
Found a couple to
Explain what she was

A vampire.

Found work as seamstress
For a nearly blind couple.
She lived in church belfry.

Then the husband died;
Wife returned to New York
To live with her sister.

Alice went with her;
And there began
Her lessons in finances.

While working the shady side
Of the money business
She was found by the

Local vampires.

She learned more about
Money and fashion
And being a vampire.

Visions of the blonde haired man
Knew eventually find and love him
And together join the family of five.

There were parties to attend
And to plan
And money to make grow.

Then vision of blonde haired man
Came, but he was with another.
Oh, such pain for Alice.

She became a shell.
She moved the shell around
Traveling with friends as if normal.

A friend eventually broke
The shell and she learned
More about being a vampire.

Alice returned to America.
While waiting to meet Jasper
She went to college.

Found a human friend
With husband away at war
Until dreaded news arrived.

She helped her friend through
The grieving time until
She found another to love and marry.

That is when Alice found
The place where she was
To meet Jasper.

The visions were clearer.
The time must be close.
How to have patience?

She waited at the diner
Until the day arrived and
Jasper walked through the door.

They left together in the rain,
To discover each other
And the life to live together.


  1. This is great! I don't think I previewed this one for you.. Great job!

  2. This was posted on R&T without beta preview help. I'm pretty sure you reviewed it on R&T. Carlisle/Esme was the first one to get beta previewed, I think. Something I need to look into.