20 July 2011

Poem: Dream, Can't I?

Dream, Can’t I?
By abbyweyr May 2011
Based on TWS fan fiction "What Drives Her" by Virginia May

Saturday Bella

A normal Saturday
At Volvo service department
Scheduled appointments
Demanding walk ins

Normal, until owner’s neighbor
Rolled in demanding service now
Moved mechanics around and
She was in and out in record time

Owner came in with a
Drive shiny silver Volvo
To other dealership

It’s been 5 years
Still remember Edward Cullen
And desire to ride with him
In his shiny silver Volvo

This will be next best thing
Listen to Romeo & Juliet
While drive car to other location
A girl can dream, can’t she?

Edward’s Friday and Saturday

Nervous coming home to stay
After 5 years mostly away
Esme picks me up at airport
Driving my Vanquish

Welcomed home with voices
Mental and verbal from rest of family
Hunt or tour new home?
Hunt first with my family
Dream of one who is missing
Girl with chocolate eyes
Bella Swan running beside me
A vampire can dream, can’t he?

Tour new home
Find my room with a bed
Mom hope I feel have place
To stay now

Unpack boxed books and CD’s
Alice sees need to change
Where pick up new shiny silver Volvo
While on a family trip

Good to be home and stay
But dream of another who is still missing
Bella by my side as come home
A boy can dream, can’t he?

Sunday Edward

Talk with Jasper as walk to
Dealership for shiny silver Volvo
Door opens brings a hint of
Never forgotten, always longed for scent

Too many people to run
Promised family I was staying
But that scent is so tasty
How to resist?

Alice and Esme and Jasper calm me
Help me through role of getting
Silver Volvo, open car door and
Bella’s scent flows over me

She drove my car listening to
Romeo & Juliet, a reminder of a
Tragic love with
Tragic consequence
Spent a week in the car with
Her scent surrounding me
Dream of us together.
A vampire can dream, can’t he?

2 weeks later Edward and Esme

Son and mother on weekend trip
Set up by brother for service problem
With new shiny silver Volvo
Receive a call from Bella

Mother has never met Bella
Maybe some day she dreams
Not some day, but today
Says son.

Watch from across the street
Until phone rings again
Mom encourages to go
Just be nice to her

A mother wants her son
To be happy with a mate
Like the rest of family have
A Mother can dream, can’t she?

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